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Galactic Records

(updated weekly)


Water world (as moon)

Axial Tilt
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 3.139036
Lowest: -3.13865
Average: -0.0076
Count: 111,026Standard Deviation: 0.4861 Top10/Bottom10
Distance From Arrival
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 719,752
Lowest: 32.1894
Average: 10,770.4496
Count: 115,237Standard Deviation: 45,302.956 Top10/Bottom10
Earth Masses
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 30.450802
Lowest: 0.077265
Average: 0.3501
Count: 115,236Standard Deviation: 0.4233 Top10/Bottom10
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 4.281683267483
Lowest: 0.250068247718
Average: 0.5331
Count: 115,237Standard Deviation: 0.183 Top10/Bottom10
Orbital Eccentricity
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 0.199865
Lowest: 0  86,364 *
Average: 0.0019
Count: 106,416Standard Deviation: 0.0131 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Orbital Inclination
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 89.997307
Lowest: -89.999142
Average: -0.5816
Count: 115,168Standard Deviation: 47.3189 Top10/Bottom10
Orbital Period
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 3,164.0562962963
Lowest: 0.040179037106
Average: 95.2756
Count: 115,168Standard Deviation: 134.3312 Top10/Bottom10
Periapsis / Closest Approach
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 138,607,847.69 km
Lowest: 29,066.58 km
Average: 6,511,258.5848 km
Count: 101,743Standard Deviation: 8,977,002.7823 Top10/Bottom10
Periapsis (next pass < 5 years)
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 138,607,847.69 km
Lowest: 49.31 km
Average: 6,396,368.7068 km
Count: 106,411Standard Deviation: 8,922,892.3024 Top10/Bottom10
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 17,352.39
Lowest: 2,761.38225
Average: 4,858.039
Count: 115,223Standard Deviation: 1,341.7426 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Area
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 14,713,208,239.14
Lowest: 62,454,092.26
Average: 1,783,317,080.5319
Count: 24,362Standard Deviation: 1,152,793,051.9153 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Density
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 62.41948021305
Lowest: 0.0000000233736770511154
Average: 1.5637
Count: 24,304Standard Deviation: 3.7269 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Inner Radius
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 72,176 km
Lowest: 4,639 km
Average: 13,151.9378 km
Count: 24,362Standard Deviation: 9,189.0282 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Mass
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 115,260,000,000
Lowest: 28
Average: 4,615,223,612.4949
Count: 24,304Standard Deviation: 12,264,561,897.5983 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Outer Radius
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 82,691 km
Lowest: 11,157 km
Average: 26,965.0522 km
Count: 24,362Standard Deviation: 9,896.7229 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Width
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 52,230
Lowest: 544
Average: 13,813.1144
Count: 24,362Standard Deviation: 3,205.3317 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Area
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 14,713,208,239.14
Lowest: 31,332,335.04
Average: 1,555,468,865.5017
Count: 24,362Standard Deviation: 1,016,119,318.6787 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Density
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 60.4487390759841
Lowest: 0.0000000233736770511154
Average: 1.5531
Count: 24,304Standard Deviation: 3.6821 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Inner Radius
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 71,045 km
Lowest: 4,639 km
Average: 12,974.6746 km
Count: 24,362Standard Deviation: 8,931.8192 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Mass
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 115,260,000,000
Lowest: 28
Average: 2,722,857,380.5435
Count: 24,304Standard Deviation: 8,657,269,440.3711 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Outer Radius
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 81,984 km
Lowest: 8,661 km
Average: 25,789.9831 km
Count: 24,362Standard Deviation: 8,838.4085 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Width
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 52,230
Lowest: 156
Average: 12,815.3085
Count: 24,362Standard Deviation: 4,369.717 Top10/Bottom10
Rotational Period
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 462.153598758449
Lowest: 0.124257005961
Average: 44.1341
Count: 112,633Standard Deviation: 44.9766 Top10/Bottom10
Sagittarius A* Distance
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 45,228.3744137071
Lowest: 6.49819963066838
Average: 16,756.1353
Count: 115,137Standard Deviation: 9,420.8535 Top10/Bottom10
Semi-Major Axis
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 0.926536233718 AU
Lowest: 0.000000385849 AU
Average: 0.0425 AU
Count: 115,168Standard Deviation: 0.0594 Top10/Bottom10
Sol Distance
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 65,403.6
Lowest: 60.398
Average: 20,495.7721
Count: 115,136Standard Deviation: 13,075.6366 Top10/Bottom10
Surface Pressure
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 7,561.22307426598
Lowest: 0  53 *
Average: 28.3295
Count: 115,025Standard Deviation: 110.3375 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Surface Temperature
Water world (as moon)
Highest: 836.731689
Lowest: 150.044815
Average: 283.125
Count: 115,025Standard Deviation: 55.1222 Top10/Bottom10

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