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Galactic Records

(updated weekly)


Icy body (as moon)

Axial Tilt
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 3.141592  3 *
Lowest: -3.141592  2 *
Average: -0.0046
Count: 77,953,245Standard Deviation: 0.8077 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Distance From Arrival
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 15,652,800
Lowest: 8.34225
Average: 27,228.5954
Count: 78,295,459Standard Deviation: 79,750.9488 Top10/Bottom10
Earth Masses
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 120.99044
Lowest: 0.000097999997
Average: 0.0181
Count: 78,295,226Standard Deviation: 0.1728 Top10/Bottom10
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 4.823909451836
Lowest: 0.023304773921
Average: 0.0853
Count: 78,295,449Standard Deviation: 0.0712 Top10/Bottom10
Orbital Eccentricity
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 0.259587
Lowest: 0  14,716,645 *
Average: 0.0118
Count: 78,141,264Standard Deviation: 0.035 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Orbital Inclination
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 89.999992
Lowest: -94.370757
Average: -0.0554
Count: 78,289,389Standard Deviation: 22.6553 Top10/Bottom10
Orbital Period
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 32,314.2696296296
Lowest: 0.038616307581
Average: 76.9581
Count: 78,289,425Standard Deviation: 262.2663 Top10/Bottom10
Periapsis / Closest Approach
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 1,432,993,161.27 km
Lowest: 2,227.26 km
Average: 1,993,820.621 km
Count: 69,646,986Standard Deviation: 3,172,845.3112 Top10/Bottom10
Periapsis (next pass < 5 years)
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 155,417,883.4 km
Lowest: 10.51 km
Average: 1,776,037.0151 km
Count: 77,913,546Standard Deviation: 3,034,625.9486 Top10/Bottom10
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 24,140.52
Lowest: 394.6435
Average: 1,398.3557
Count: 78,277,766Standard Deviation: 1,044.7085 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Area
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 8,563,253,569,278,558
Lowest: 62,415,827.66
Average: 244,376,980,413.644
Count: 526,956Standard Deviation: 23,828,914,474,115.5 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Density
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 45.2446005209414
Lowest: 0.000000000000280713757169142
Average: 0.9015
Count: 525,578Standard Deviation: 2.4938 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Inner Radius
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 31,266,000 km
Lowest: 5,323 km
Average: 12,053.2072 km
Count: 526,956Standard Deviation: 136,496.5605 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Mass
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 4,984,400,000,000
Lowest: 1  9 *
Average: 2,985,549,686.5074
Count: 525,578Standard Deviation: 19,865,466,037.1241 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Outermost Ring - Outer Radius
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 60,855,000 km
Lowest: 10,813 km
Average: 27,485.8666 km
Count: 526,956Standard Deviation: 309,529.848 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Width
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 29,589,000
Lowest: 625
Average: 15,432.6593
Count: 526,956Standard Deviation: 176,569.3006 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Area
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 6,961,962,289,542,128
Lowest: 40,931,772.98
Average: 224,495,051,203.556
Count: 526,956Standard Deviation: 20,533,942,182,616.7 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Density
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 45.2446005209414
Lowest: 0.000000000000280713757169142
Average: 0.8903
Count: 525,578Standard Deviation: 2.457 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Inner Radius
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 27,071,000 km
Lowest: 5,323 km
Average: 11,892.356 km
Count: 526,956Standard Deviation: 133,848.7219 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Mass
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 3,491,800,000,000
Lowest: 1  9 *
Average: 1,647,840,498.2325
Count: 525,578Standard Deviation: 11,779,182,068.2595 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Innermost Ring - Outer Radius
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 52,885,000 km
Lowest: 9,159 km
Average: 26,426.3641 km
Count: 526,956Standard Deviation: 298,022.734 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Width
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 28,786,000
Lowest: 190
Average: 14,534.0081
Count: 526,956Standard Deviation: 170,571.2224 Top10/Bottom10
Rotational Period
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 111,568.965320556
Lowest: 0.156028917101
Average: 21.8585
Count: 71,881,755Standard Deviation: 38.2342 Top10/Bottom10
Sagittarius A* Distance
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 51,184.8023490305  6 *
Lowest: 1.42258732245119  17 *
Average: 19,745.9604
Count: 78,273,060Standard Deviation: 9,145.969 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Semi-Major Axis
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 9.645298348867 AU
Lowest: 0.000000075375 AU
Average: 0.012 AU
Count: 78,289,377Standard Deviation: 0.0206 Top10/Bottom10
Sol Distance
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 65,647.3  6 *
Lowest: 5.95466  9 *
Average: 16,516.8028
Count: 78,272,591Standard Deviation: 14,331.2597 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Surface Pressure
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 5,689,258.5
Lowest: 0  59,945,069 *
Average: 48.0895
Count: 77,653,762Standard Deviation: 4,616.9252 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Surface Temperature
Icy body (as moon)
Highest: 2,688
Lowest: 0.020217
Average: 84.4696
Count: 78,256,606Standard Deviation: 63.2195 Top10/Bottom10

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