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Galactic Records

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Rocky Ice world (as moon)

Axial Tilt
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 3.141516
Lowest: -3.141592
Average: -0.0050
Count: 1,261,411Standard Deviation: 0.6447
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 40,340.6
Lowest: -42,054.1
Average: -1,390.2816
Count: 1,272,583Standard Deviation: 9,344.2678
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 3,900.62  3 *
Lowest: -3,613.72
Average: -87.9703
Count: 1,272,583Standard Deviation: 618.4333
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 65,567.4
Lowest: -16,733.2
Average: 13,939.4137
Count: 1,272,583Standard Deviation: 15,820.0254
Distance From Arrival
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 824,564
Lowest: 17.6949
Average: 22,818.0575
Count: 1,272,651Standard Deviation: 72,264.1432
Earth Masses
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 3.906862
Lowest: 0.000109
Average: 0.0147
Count: 1,272,649Standard Deviation: 0.0376
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 1.330265207299
Lowest: 0.029886949621
Average: 0.1365
Count: 1,272,651Standard Deviation: 0.0786
Orbital Eccentricity
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 0.199996  3 *
Lowest: 0  640,421 *
Average: 0.0082
Count: 1,141,590Standard Deviation: 0.0298
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Orbital Inclination
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 89.999268
Lowest: -89.999791
Average: -0.1372
Count: 1,268,043Standard Deviation: 37.4568
Orbital Period
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 3,400.21074074074
Lowest: 0.167619572396
Average: 41.1352
Count: 1,272,472Standard Deviation: 83.7484
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 12,632.579
Lowest: 356.93103125
Average: 1,458.9149
Count: 1,272,289Standard Deviation: 761.5457
Outermost Ring - Area
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 396,043,842,405,858,240
Lowest: 212,693,616.94
Average: 348,365,651,982,321
Count: 1,140Standard Deviation: 11,724,676,614,019,200.0000
Outermost Ring - Density
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 16.2835038620292
Lowest: 0.00010061058426141
Average: 1.9018
Count: 425Standard Deviation: 3.6462
Outermost Ring - Inner Radius
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 174,750,000
Lowest: 4,706
Average: 168,495.1351
Count: 1,140Standard Deviation: 5,177,649.9019
Outermost Ring - Mass
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 3,910,200,000,000
Lowest: 4
Average: 7,762,752,076.5421
Count: 1,140Standard Deviation: 120,232,122,773.968
Outermost Ring - Outer Radius
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 395,730,000
Lowest: 14,393
Average: 385,792.3193
Count: 1,140Standard Deviation: 11,729,272.9713
Outermost Ring - Width
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 220,980,000
Lowest: 1,177
Average: 217,297.1842
Count: 1,140Standard Deviation: 6,551,919.6007
Innermost Ring - Area
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 29,062,289,616,284,848
Lowest: 115,956,766.04
Average: 26,451,819,180,254.9
Count: 1,140Standard Deviation: 860,951,274,527,499
Innermost Ring - Density
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 16.0060519009963
Lowest: 0.00010061058426141
Average: 1.8973
Count: 425Standard Deviation: 3.6359
Innermost Ring - Inner Radius
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 145,780,000
Lowest: 4,706
Average: 142,975.5386
Count: 1,140Standard Deviation: 4,320,949.2047
Innermost Ring - Mass
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 1,024,600,000,000
Lowest: 4
Average: 2,825,213,892.3316
Count: 1,140Standard Deviation: 32,597,295,796.6245
Innermost Ring - Outer Radius
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 174,650,000
Lowest: 11,317
Average: 191,080.9886
Count: 1,140Standard Deviation: 5,203,307.3754
Innermost Ring - Width
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 28,870,000
Lowest: 761
Average: 48,105.45
Count: 1,140Standard Deviation: 931,896.0311
Rotational Period
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 10,456.4619794214
Lowest: 0.147149262604
Average: 19.7276
Count: 1,211,746Standard Deviation: 25.5881
Semi-Major Axis
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 0.72703947699
Lowest: 0.000100010826
Average: 0.0121
Count: 1,185,012Standard Deviation: 0.0219
Sol Distance
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 65,612.2
Lowest: 14.6071
Average: 17,692.3599
Count: 1,272,583Standard Deviation: 14,872.6345
Surface Pressure
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 664,871.694211695
Lowest: 0  1,015,359 *
Average: 88.6304
Count: 1,248,766Standard Deviation: 1,846.9364
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Surface Temperature
Rocky Ice world (as moon)
Highest: 2,506
Lowest: 20  1,830 *
Average: 157.2516
Count: 1,271,703Standard Deviation: 151.7187
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.

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