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Galactic Records

(updated weekly)


Class II gas giant

Axial Tilt
Class II gas giant
Highest: 3.141591
Lowest: -3.141589
Average: -0.0031
Count: 2,638,166Standard Deviation: 1.1259
Class II gas giant
Highest: 40,355.2
Lowest: -42,187.4
Average: -1,741.8659
Count: 2,687,897Standard Deviation: 9,006.5930
Class II gas giant
Highest: 4,081
Lowest: -3,387.09
Average: -100.9537
Count: 2,687,897Standard Deviation: 638.6647
Class II gas giant
Highest: 65,570.1
Lowest: -16,810.6  3 *
Average: 14,540.8565
Count: 2,687,897Standard Deviation: 14,994.0045
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Distance From Arrival
Class II gas giant
Highest: 841,899
Lowest: 4.41403
Average: 17,025.8401
Count: 2,688,238Standard Deviation: 61,187.0161
Earth Masses
Class II gas giant
Highest: 1,368.457764
Lowest: 2.641097
Average: 436.3517
Count: 2,688,226Standard Deviation: 299.3627
Class II gas giant
Highest: 24.584892915592
Lowest: 0.252062726485
Average: 3.3350
Count: 2,688,238Standard Deviation: 1.8661
Orbital Eccentricity
Class II gas giant
Highest: 0.999695
Lowest: 0  12,697 *
Average: 0.0658
Count: 2,477,023Standard Deviation: 0.1176
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Orbital Inclination
Class II gas giant
Highest: 358.39999
Lowest: -179.998164
Average: -0.0991
Count: 2,681,460Standard Deviation: 29.3745
Orbital Period
Class II gas giant
Highest: 20,275,545.7549184
Lowest: 0.135475757743
Average: 3,728.6224
Count: 2,687,536Standard Deviation: 22,447.8894
Class II gas giant
Highest: 90,000
Lowest: 10,222.803
Average: 65,293.4269
Count: 2,687,514Standard Deviation: 17,468.6803
Outermost Ring - Area
Class II gas giant
Highest: 24,023,615,388,070,838,272
Lowest: 1,507,587.48
Average: 51,249,125,403,821.1
Count: 1,778,241Standard Deviation: 18,234,875,247,350,400.0000
Outermost Ring - Density
Class II gas giant
Highest: 7,129.271186
Lowest: 0.000102881944977352
Average: 7.9157
Count: 1,777,425Standard Deviation: 6.0297
Outermost Ring - Inner Radius
Class II gas giant
Highest: 713,990,000
Lowest: 20,369
Average: 158,302.2249
Count: 1,778,241Standard Deviation: 2,048,757.8138
Outermost Ring - Mass
Class II gas giant
Highest: 714,500,000,000,000
Lowest: 1
Average: 1,216,868,984,948.96
Count: 1,778,241Standard Deviation: 1,924,601,499,067.84
Outermost Ring - Outer Radius
Class II gas giant
Highest: 2,856,000,000
Lowest: 32,259
Average: 321,196.9872
Count: 1,778,241Standard Deviation: 4,520,221.6697
Outermost Ring - Width
Class II gas giant
Highest: 2,142,010,000
Lowest: 4
Average: 162,894.7623
Count: 1,778,241Standard Deviation: 2,609,663.8343
Innermost Ring - Area
Class II gas giant
Highest: 403,896,321,101,907,264
Lowest: 1,507,587.48
Average: 18,753,603,817,400.9
Count: 1,778,241Standard Deviation: 1,934,137,186,311,050.0000
Innermost Ring - Density
Class II gas giant
Highest: 7,129.271186
Lowest: 0.000100277699436371
Average: 7.8175
Count: 1,777,027Standard Deviation: 5.9836
Innermost Ring - Inner Radius
Class II gas giant
Highest: 152,930,000
Lowest: 19,992
Average: 140,969.6147
Count: 1,778,241Standard Deviation: 1,822,191.1775
Innermost Ring - Mass
Class II gas giant
Highest: 445,220,000,000,000
Lowest: 1
Average: 574,736,773,068.555
Count: 1,778,241Standard Deviation: 885,760,610,270.843
Innermost Ring - Outer Radius
Class II gas giant
Highest: 379,980,000
Lowest: 23,079
Average: 225,859.9439
Count: 1,778,241Standard Deviation: 3,042,810.8555
Innermost Ring - Width
Class II gas giant
Highest: 254,200,000
Lowest: 4
Average: 84,890.3292
Count: 1,778,241Standard Deviation: 1,452,647.8604
Rotational Period
Class II gas giant
Highest: 402,652.586939491
Lowest: 0.090320332847
Average: 31.1485
Count: 2,655,309Standard Deviation: 313.4686
Semi-Major Axis
Class II gas giant
Highest: 1,290.00088892771
Lowest: 0.000100006128
Average: 2.9256
Count: 2,675,133Standard Deviation: 5.5889
Sol Distance
Class II gas giant
Highest: 65,572.5
Lowest: 9.68896
Average: 17,941.7028
Count: 2,687,897Standard Deviation: 14,103.9711
Surface Pressure
Class II gas giant
Highest: 0.243458896875
Lowest: 0  2,564,302 *
Average: 0.0000
Count: 2,564,304Standard Deviation: 0.0002
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Surface Temperature
Class II gas giant
Highest: 250  496 *
Lowest: 61
Average: 191.2108
Count: 2,683,958Standard Deviation: 28.2793
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.

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