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API Data Access

Note: For information on our data upload API, visit the [ Data submission API info page ]

Data API Usage

For data retrieval, we have a few API options. Most of them are related to the GEC points of interest, however you can also pull information about individual star systems and everything that we know is contained within them.

All of these API endpoints are rate-limited by the server, with the counter information in the HTTP headers. Currently they are limited to 100 requests in a 15 minute period.

Data retrieval:

  • https://edastro.com/api/starsystem?q={starsystem}

    Retrieve a JSON object of the star system and its contents. Accepts either a system name, or id64.

  • https://edastro.com/api/starsystem?q={starsystem0},{starsystem1}[,{starsystem2}...]

    Retrieve a JSON array of star system objects and their contents. Accepts a comma separated list of either system names, or id64s, or any combination of those. Currently limited to a maximum of 10 per request.


The Galactic Exploration Catalog (GEC) offers an API for access to POI information in applications and other websites. Here is what is available for you to use:

Data retrieval:

  • https://edastro.com/gec/json/all

    List all POI objects, in EDSM's GMP JSON format (typos and all).

  • https://edastro.com/gec/json/combined

    List all POI objects, in EDSM's GMP JSON format, and also include GMP entries. Please note that in this combined output, the "id" field is no longer unique. It will have to be combined with the "source" field to distinguish GEC IDs from GMP IDs.

  • https://edastro.com/gec/json/rare

    List all "rare" POI objects, in EDSM's GMP JSON format (typos and all).

  • https://edastro.com/gec/json/single/{POI-ID}

    Retrieve a single POI object, by ID number.

  • https://edastro.com/gec/json/id64/{id64}

    Retrieve a single POI object, by star system ID64 number.

  • https://edastro.com/gec/json/nearest/{x}/{y}/{z}

    Retrieve a single POI object, nearest to provided coordinates.

  • https://edastro.com/gec/json/nearest/{x}/{y}/{z}/{minrating}

    Retrieve a single POI object, nearest to provided coordinates, and with a minimum specified explorer rating.

  • https://edastro.com/gec/json/favorites/{userID|userName}

    Retrieve a specific user's list of favorites.

  • https://edastro.com/gec/json/categories

    Retrieve list of currently active categories.

  • https://edastro.com/gec/json/stats

    Retrieve totals, including counts per region and category.

Creating POIs: (best if you are logged in first)

  • https://edastro.com/gec/new/{systemName}

    Start creating a new POI, with the system name pre-populated.

  • https://edastro.com/gec/new/{systemName}/{POIname}

    Start creating a new POI, with the system name and POI name pre-populated.

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