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Galactic Records

(updated weekly)


M (Red dwarf) Star

Absolute Magnitude
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 20.704697
Lowest: -5.332489
Average: 9.5997
Count: 34,240,481Standard Deviation: 1.1006
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 13,065  9,623 *
Lowest: 0  86 *
Average: 6,564.4666
Count: 34,254,389Standard Deviation: 4,041.7477
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Axial Tilt
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 3.141484
Lowest: -3.141562
Average: 0.0000
Count: 32,540,324Standard Deviation: 0.0538
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 40,503.8
Lowest: -42,213.8
Average: -1,184.9780
Count: 34,250,626Standard Deviation: 9,235.1547
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 4,744.12
Lowest: -4,665.03
Average: -90.3141
Count: 34,250,626Standard Deviation: 521.0314
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 65,619.9
Lowest: -16,899.8
Average: 14,255.9925
Count: 34,250,626Standard Deviation: 16,739.6872
Distance From Arrival
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 7,200,900
Lowest: 3  5,123 *
Average: 77,332.5769
Count: 15,254,449Standard Deviation: 119,675.1537
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Orbital Eccentricity
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 0.949993  2 *
Lowest: 0  107 *
Average: 0.1457
Count: 24,730,048Standard Deviation: 0.1198
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Orbital Inclination
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 254.358058
Lowest: -251.322388
Average: 0.0099
Count: 24,750,593Standard Deviation: 44.9795
Orbital Period
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 577,522,496.93429
Lowest: 0.104032965764
Average: 1,087,688.0480
Count: 24,750,717Standard Deviation: 2,631,666.4087
Outermost Ring - Area
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 2,881,208,067,381,419,271,258,112
Lowest: 1,451,601,134,792.3
Average: 7,573,250,236,870,859,776.0000
Count: 8,695,244Standard Deviation: 2,366,599,084,984,130,076,672.0000
Outermost Ring - Density
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 1,584.627531
Lowest: 0.000100000182619349
Average: 6.6881
Count: 7,775,260Standard Deviation: 3.9873
Outermost Ring - Inner Radius
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 377,750,000,000
Lowest: 35
Average: 3,635,282.1658
Count: 8,695,244Standard Deviation: 271,917,825.9725
Outermost Ring - Mass
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 378,620,000,000,000,000
Lowest: 13
Average: 842,392,708,602,749
Count: 8,695,244Standard Deviation: 4,249,828,289,201,910.0000
Outermost Ring - Outer Radius
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 989,070,000,000
Lowest: 690,570
Average: 41,673,924.8594
Count: 8,695,244Standard Deviation: 1,575,708,165.7123
Outermost Ring - Width
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 900,478,600,000
Lowest: 527,700
Average: 38,038,643.9663
Count: 8,695,244Standard Deviation: 1,471,270,596.5109
Innermost Ring - Area
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 255,824,836,797,471,316,246,528
Lowest: 1,451,601,134,792.3
Average: 60,627,239,054,634,304.0000
Count: 8,695,244Standard Deviation: 100,326,109,666,844,000,256.0000
Innermost Ring - Density
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 109.302560
Lowest: 0.000100000182619349
Average: 5.3950
Count: 7,708,348Standard Deviation: 4.2773
Innermost Ring - Inner Radius
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 25,681,000,000
Lowest: 35
Average: 874,438.7317
Count: 8,695,244Standard Deviation: 15,522,824.6619
Innermost Ring - Mass
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 301,230,000,000,000,000
Lowest: 13
Average: 76,974,762,461,042.4
Count: 8,695,244Standard Deviation: 1,120,081,032,118,850.0000
Innermost Ring - Outer Radius
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 285,450,000,000
Lowest: 690,570
Average: 2,880,478.0963
Count: 8,695,244Standard Deviation: 139,755,772.4384
Innermost Ring - Width
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 278,369,900,000
Lowest: 527,700
Average: 2,006,038.0918
Count: 8,695,244Standard Deviation: 129,076,077.4959
Rotational Period
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 1,635.77264233275
Lowest: 0.312319726782
Average: 1.9657
Count: 34,245,377Standard Deviation: 0.9635
Semi-Major Axis
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 12,268.9249727952
Lowest: 0.000100175042
Average: 60.8256
Count: 24,749,865Standard Deviation: 120.8973
Sol Distance
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 65,627.1
Lowest: 4.37712
Average: 17,789.6091
Count: 34,250,626Standard Deviation: 15,935.8785
Solar Masses
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 8.589844
Lowest: 0.019531
Average: 0.3256
Count: 34,254,333Standard Deviation: 0.0883
Solar Radius
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 67.189511913731
Lowest: 0.086108154063
Average: 0.4927
Count: 34,254,333Standard Deviation: 0.2134
Surface Temperature
M (Red dwarf) Star
Highest: 21,999
Lowest: 508
Average: 2,810.0538
Count: 34,254,301Standard Deviation: 466.2922

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