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Galactic Records

(updated weekly)


Class I gas giant (as moon)

Axial Tilt
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 3.141313
Lowest: -3.140502
Average: -0.0054
Count: 80,274Standard Deviation: 0.6612 Top10/Bottom10
Distance From Arrival
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 830,951
Lowest: 226.313
Average: 13,274.2884
Count: 81,611Standard Deviation: 50,329.9177 Top10/Bottom10
Earth Masses
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 818.532593
Lowest: 0.734365
Average: 57.2619
Count: 81,611Standard Deviation: 94.6431 Top10/Bottom10
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 5.504748422246
Lowest: 0.191422307729
Average: 0.7799
Count: 81,611Standard Deviation: 0.6152 Top10/Bottom10
Orbital Eccentricity
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 0.199944  2 *
Lowest: 0  39,350 *
Average: 0.0079
Count: 80,485Standard Deviation: 0.0223 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Orbital Inclination
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 89.989839
Lowest: -89.997274
Average: -0.2481
Count: 81,606Standard Deviation: 36.7539 Top10/Bottom10
Orbital Period
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 1,874.93222222222
Lowest: 0.498001222257
Average: 223.1307
Count: 81,606Standard Deviation: 228.912 Top10/Bottom10
Periapsis / Closest Approach
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 157,198,840.38 km
Lowest: 149,368.05 km
Average: 24,769,057.4635 km
Count: 75,970Standard Deviation: 20,910,561.2713 Top10/Bottom10
Periapsis (next pass < 5 years)
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 157,198,840.38 km
Lowest: 151.85 km
Average: 23,755,779.9528 km
Count: 80,483Standard Deviation: 20,995,412.5631 Top10/Bottom10
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 77,773.88
Lowest: 8,577.154
Average: 38,156.1938
Count: 81,598Standard Deviation: 20,688.105 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Area
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 38,407,096,372,561,680
Lowest: 135,423,192.53
Average: 1,290,243,770,593.73
Count: 54,127Standard Deviation: 182,628,708,658,696 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Density
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 19.9229334165187
Lowest: 0.00000353742727288166
Average: 7.9704
Count: 53,830Standard Deviation: 2.8658 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Inner Radius
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 91,925,000 km
Lowest: 14,738 km
Average: 78,209.8143 km
Count: 54,127Standard Deviation: 575,722.4317 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Mass
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 2,594,600,000,000
Lowest: 14,512
Average: 199,162,785,214.322
Count: 53,830Standard Deviation: 270,964,441,456.69 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Outer Radius
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 143,790,000 km
Lowest: 16,479 km
Average: 116,389.5911 km
Count: 54,127Standard Deviation: 857,134.3461 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Width
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 51,865,000
Lowest: 410
Average: 38,179.7769
Count: 54,127Standard Deviation: 286,835.4916 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Area
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 16,350,394,071,627,874
Lowest: 93,768,476.24
Average: 556,378,454,453.42
Count: 54,127Standard Deviation: 76,993,724,070,393.1 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Density
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 19.9229334165187
Lowest: 0.00000353742727288166
Average: 7.8758
Count: 53,830Standard Deviation: 2.8144 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Inner Radius
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 86,872,000 km
Lowest: 14,738 km
Average: 75,500.4526 km
Count: 54,127Standard Deviation: 556,884.8847 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Mass
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 2,594,600,000,000
Lowest: 14,512
Average: 98,736,203,611.1265
Count: 53,830Standard Deviation: 198,848,300,015.096 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Outer Radius
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 94,940,000 km
Lowest: 16,409 km
Average: 97,679.2896 km
Count: 54,127Standard Deviation: 695,242.039 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Width
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 33,222,000
Lowest: 269
Average: 22,178.837
Count: 54,127Standard Deviation: 170,588.8238 Top10/Bottom10
Rotational Period
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 1,792.46770154688
Lowest: 0.416998577118
Average: 78.1793
Count: 77,690Standard Deviation: 112.736 Top10/Bottom10
Sagittarius A* Distance
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 44,729.4357892672
Lowest: 25.9185402391795  2 *
Average: 14,305.7698
Count: 81,414Standard Deviation: 8,433.0748 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Semi-Major Axis
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 1.050809344038 AU
Lowest: 0.000001228958 AU
Average: 0.1605 AU
Count: 81,606Standard Deviation: 0.1409 Top10/Bottom10
Sol Distance
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 65,222.4
Lowest: 33.1009
Average: 20,439.8645
Count: 81,414Standard Deviation: 11,356.8813 Top10/Bottom10
Surface Pressure
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 0  78,836 *
Lowest: 0  78,836 *
Average: 0
Count: 78,836Standard Deviation: 0 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Surface Temperature
Class I gas giant (as moon)
Highest: 149.999557
Lowest: 0.022387
Average: 79.235
Count: 81,386Standard Deviation: 37.546 Top10/Bottom10

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