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Galactic Records

(updated weekly)


Water giant

Axial Tilt
Water giant
Highest: 3.141475
Lowest: -3.141592
Average: -0.0025
Count: 259,060Standard Deviation: 1.2089 Top10/Bottom10
Distance From Arrival
Water giant
Highest: 690,129
Lowest: 21
Average: 11,062.0402
Count: 261,344Standard Deviation: 40,683.8818 Top10/Bottom10
Earth Masses
Water giant
Highest: 2,071.871338
Lowest: 17.23122
Average: 64.5606
Count: 261,344Standard Deviation: 56.9281 Top10/Bottom10
Water giant
Highest: 197.93646616724
Lowest: 2.298430556431
Average: 5.236
Count: 261,344Standard Deviation: 3.2455 Top10/Bottom10
Orbital Eccentricity
Water giant
Highest: 0.199999
Lowest: 0  142 *
Average: 0.042
Count: 261,301Standard Deviation: 0.0561 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Orbital Inclination
Water giant
Highest: 179.99791
Lowest: -179.93602
Average: -0.0381
Count: 261,302Standard Deviation: 17.6022 Top10/Bottom10
Orbital Period
Water giant
Highest: 38,728.2255623079
Lowest: 0.780787489155
Average: 6,690.5354
Count: 261,302Standard Deviation: 5,186.0794 Top10/Bottom10
Periapsis / Closest Approach
Water giant
Highest: 4,200,303,736.07 km
Lowest: 2,609,247.74 km
Average: 1,356,137,968.8883 km
Count: 149,578Standard Deviation: 476,011,260.668 Top10/Bottom10
Periapsis (next pass < 5 years)
Water giant
Highest: 2,919,823,980.49 km
Lowest: 5,418.71 km
Average: 123,679,196.4364 km
Count: 93,468Standard Deviation: 323,325,415.8633 Top10/Bottom10
Water giant
Highest: 30,942.572
Lowest: 15,892.973
Average: 21,278.0369
Count: 261,311Standard Deviation: 2,316.3075 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Area
Water giant
Highest: 129,556,476,081,891,744
Lowest: 2,392,233,681.87
Average: 15,296,261,843,245.4
Count: 112,341Standard Deviation: 765,312,710,194,489 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Density
Water giant
Highest: 11.3044673536921
Lowest: 0.000000000000905470107627246
Average: 2.1079
Count: 112,057Standard Deviation: 3.217 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Inner Radius
Water giant
Highest: 53,831,000 km
Lowest: 24,547 km
Average: 91,136.9368 km
Count: 112,341Standard Deviation: 653,113.2038 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Mass
Water giant
Highest: 415,710,000,000,000
Lowest: 1
Average: 309,781,102,972.051
Count: 112,057Standard Deviation: 2,970,244,785,649.44 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Outer Radius
Water giant
Highest: 208,490,000 km
Lowest: 46,716 km
Average: 350,015.1467 km
Count: 112,341Standard Deviation: 2,276,275.4239 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Width
Water giant
Highest: 161,278,000
Lowest: 9,021
Average: 258,878.2099
Count: 112,341Standard Deviation: 1,704,008.5391 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Area
Water giant
Highest: 129,556,476,081,891,744
Lowest: 674,231,952.31
Average: 10,238,901,273,423.7
Count: 112,341Standard Deviation: 740,348,881,138,399 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Density
Water giant
Highest: 10.0907778055884
Lowest: 0.000000000000905470107627246
Average: 2.0051
Count: 112,057Standard Deviation: 3.147 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Inner Radius
Water giant
Highest: 47,212,000 km
Lowest: 24,547 km
Average: 46,653.9904 km
Count: 112,341Standard Deviation: 504,163.1402 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Mass
Water giant
Highest: 190,930,000,000,000
Lowest: 1
Average: 110,091,530,822.385
Count: 112,057Standard Deviation: 1,394,021,807,129.31 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Outer Radius
Water giant
Highest: 208,490,000 km
Lowest: 31,561 km
Average: 186,578.1565 km
Count: 112,341Standard Deviation: 1,865,683.5994 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Width
Water giant
Highest: 161,278,000
Lowest: 3,303
Average: 139,924.1662
Count: 112,341Standard Deviation: 1,404,424.5525 Top10/Bottom10
Rotational Period
Water giant
Highest: 3,489.59481481481
Lowest: 0.159246328854
Average: 2.098
Count: 261,047Standard Deviation: 15.4716 Top10/Bottom10
Sagittarius A* Distance
Water giant
Highest: 45,270.2466291966
Lowest: 2.66370219431506
Average: 17,260.824
Count: 261,265Standard Deviation: 9,188.1088 Top10/Bottom10
Semi-Major Axis
Water giant
Highest: 28.103544974765 AU
Lowest: 0.000037088323 AU
Average: 6.6279 AU
Count: 261,302Standard Deviation: 5.1934 Top10/Bottom10
Sol Distance
Water giant
Highest: 65,352.8
Lowest: 36.2145
Average: 19,414.1006
Count: 261,264Standard Deviation: 13,205.4904 Top10/Bottom10
Surface Pressure
Water giant
Highest: 34,195,071,462.4673
Lowest: 0  19 *
Average: 28,035,710.095
Count: 261,230Standard Deviation: 147,371,353.7311 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Surface Temperature
Water giant
Highest: 2,715.328125
Lowest: 136.65535
Average: 176.8649
Count: 261,223Standard Deviation: 43.7905 Top10/Bottom10

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