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Galactic Records

(updated weekly)


Helium gas giant

Axial Tilt
Helium gas giant
Highest: 0.429960012436
Lowest: -0.461671
Average: -0.0893
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 0.3055 Top10/Bottom10
Distance From Arrival
Helium gas giant
Highest: 5,535.96
Lowest: 159.062
Average: 2,611.9708
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 1,574.8265 Top10/Bottom10
Earth Masses
Helium gas giant
Highest: 5,781.101074
Lowest: 9.003934
Average: 1,942.4699
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 1,465.9638 Top10/Bottom10
Helium gas giant
Highest: 515.948083392392
Lowest: 1.30247301576
Average: 82.6961
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 122.7179 Top10/Bottom10
Orbital Eccentricity
Helium gas giant
Highest: 0.127965  2 *
Lowest: 0  4 *
Average: 0.0168
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 0.0407 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Orbital Inclination
Helium gas giant
Highest: 85.344067
Lowest: -47.857448
Average: 4.2526
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 28.0035 Top10/Bottom10
Orbital Period
Helium gas giant
Highest: 10,178.4751922996
Lowest: 30.12353209434
Average: 2,183.2603
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 2,839.9609 Top10/Bottom10
Periapsis / Closest Approach
Helium gas giant
Highest: 1,658,428,238.3 km
Lowest: 10,662,639.14 km
Average: 506,626,893.2846 km
Count: 13Standard Deviation: 485,882,672.1436 Top10/Bottom10
Periapsis (next pass < 5 years)
Helium gas giant
Highest: 1,658,428,238.3 km
Lowest: 2,538,265.03 km
Average: 255,278,131.3923 km
Count: 13Standard Deviation: 450,415,090.4809 Top10/Bottom10
Helium gas giant
Highest: 75,900.72
Lowest: 16,762.012
Average: 39,299.0314
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 19,047.5562 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Area
Helium gas giant
Highest: 1,222,258,501,724.2
Lowest: 12,598,224,193.03
Average: 535,973,694,870.986
Count: 9Standard Deviation: 396,378,900,134.826 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Density
Helium gas giant
Highest: 9.98379353306767
Lowest: 5.33268436722053
Average: 9.1032
Count: 9Standard Deviation: 1.4985 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Inner Radius
Helium gas giant
Highest: 130,690 km
Lowest: 27,259 km
Average: 78,975.1111 km
Count: 9Standard Deviation: 36,648.5989 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Mass
Helium gas giant
Highest: 9,392,800,000,000
Lowest: 93,670,000,000
Average: 4,961,961,111,111.11
Count: 9Standard Deviation: 3,467,457,080,206.84 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Outer Radius
Helium gas giant
Highest: 624,810 km
Lowest: 72,425 km
Average: 376,678.1111 km
Count: 9Standard Deviation: 190,524.3144 Top10/Bottom10
Outermost Ring - Width
Helium gas giant
Highest: 588,333
Lowest: 37,279
Average: 297,703
Count: 9Standard Deviation: 181,150.1239 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Area
Helium gas giant
Highest: 1,222,258,501,724.2
Lowest: 791,789,984.98
Average: 162,538,398,253.116
Count: 9Standard Deviation: 376,147,246,419.483 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Density
Helium gas giant
Highest: 9.98379353306767
Lowest: 5.33268436722053
Average: 9.1006
Count: 9Standard Deviation: 1.4971 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Inner Radius
Helium gas giant
Highest: 120,660 km
Lowest: 27,259 km
Average: 56,422.2222 km
Count: 9Standard Deviation: 26,539.4196 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Mass
Helium gas giant
Highest: 9,392,800,000,000
Lowest: 7,852,200,000
Average: 1,298,712,466,666.67
Count: 9Standard Deviation: 2,881,468,191,757 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Outer Radius
Helium gas giant
Highest: 624,810 km
Lowest: 35,046 km
Average: 162,126.4444 km
Count: 9Standard Deviation: 171,290.4055 Top10/Bottom10
Innermost Ring - Width
Helium gas giant
Highest: 588,333
Lowest: 3,802
Average: 105,704.2222
Count: 9Standard Deviation: 172,908.0883 Top10/Bottom10
Rotational Period
Helium gas giant
Highest: 105.243145496817
Lowest: 0.517331237708
Average: 17.5615
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 28.9069 Top10/Bottom10
Sagittarius A* Distance
Helium gas giant
Highest: 25,951.202477089
Lowest: 2,999.35942197608
Average: 23,509.1253
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 6,297.4701 Top10/Bottom10
Semi-Major Axis
Helium gas giant
Highest: 11.143576051007 AU
Lowest: 0.017026523079 AU
Average: 2.6251 AU
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 3.1804 Top10/Bottom10
Sol Distance
Helium gas giant
Highest: 50,566.8
Lowest: 180.185  11 *
Average: 5,763.8773
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 13,314.9177 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Surface Pressure
Helium gas giant
Highest: 30,887.2179620035
Lowest: 0  14 *
Average: 1,859.9534
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 7,258.8471 Top10/Bottom10
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Surface Temperature
Helium gas giant
Highest: 1,700.772827
Lowest: 52.721142
Average: 743.4575
Count: 17Standard Deviation: 458.7353 Top10/Bottom10

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