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Galactic Records

(updated weekly)


Water giant (as planet)

Axial Tilt
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 3.141475
Lowest: -3.141592
Average: -0.0015
Count: 214,830Standard Deviation: 1.2110
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 40,221.8
Lowest: -41,814.4
Average: -2,217.9915
Count: 217,180Standard Deviation: 9,001.0599
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 3,900.62
Lowest: -3,198.19  4 *
Average: -118.7655
Count: 217,180Standard Deviation: 688.4622
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 65,349.5
Lowest: -16,810.6
Average: 16,120.3461
Count: 217,180Standard Deviation: 14,227.7679
Distance From Arrival
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 690,129
Lowest: 21
Average: 10,954.5416
Count: 217,199Standard Deviation: 40,274.4878
Earth Masses
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 1,961.928589
Lowest: 17.23122
Average: 63.9882
Count: 217,199Standard Deviation: 55.3897
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 193.710734791427
Lowest: 2.298430556431
Average: 5.2043
Count: 217,199Standard Deviation: 3.1363
Orbital Eccentricity
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 0.199999
Lowest: 0  49 *
Average: 0.0432
Count: 211,328Standard Deviation: 0.0564
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Orbital Inclination
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 179.99791
Lowest: -179.93602
Average: -0.0457
Count: 217,021Standard Deviation: 17.4288
Orbital Period
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 38,728.2255623079
Lowest: 0.780787489155
Average: 6,679.4181
Count: 217,157Standard Deviation: 5,165.5260
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 30,942.572
Lowest: 15,892.973
Average: 21,263.9940
Count: 217,165Standard Deviation: 2,306.7372
Outermost Ring - Area
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 129,556,476,081,891,744
Lowest: 2,392,233,681.87
Average: 17,111,524,446,509.1
Count: 93,544Standard Deviation: 838,280,202,519,862
Outermost Ring - Density
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 11.3044673536921
Lowest: 0.000100024968050169
Average: 2.3196
Count: 85,156Standard Deviation: 3.3015
Outermost Ring - Inner Radius
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 53,831,000 km
Lowest: 24,547 km
Average: 92,578.8867 km
Count: 93,544Standard Deviation: 694,327.9275
Outermost Ring - Mass
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 415,710,000,000,000
Lowest: 1
Average: 307,965,318,612.792
Count: 93,500Standard Deviation: 2,988,680,725,224.29
Outermost Ring - Outer Radius
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 208,490,000 km
Lowest: 46,716 km
Average: 352,899.9524 km
Count: 93,544Standard Deviation: 2,410,900.1729
Outermost Ring - Width
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 161,278,000
Lowest: 9,021
Average: 260,321.0656
Count: 93,544Standard Deviation: 1,794,226.0382
Innermost Ring - Area
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 129,556,476,081,891,744
Lowest: 715,974,180.8
Average: 11,964,314,174,909.7
Count: 93,544Standard Deviation: 811,191,382,319,670
Innermost Ring - Density
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 10.0907778055884
Lowest: 0.000100024968050169
Average: 2.2067
Count: 85,139Standard Deviation: 3.2333
Innermost Ring - Inner Radius
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 47,212,000 km
Lowest: 24,547 km
Average: 47,901.5035 km
Count: 93,544Standard Deviation: 551,945.5534
Innermost Ring - Mass
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 190,930,000,000,000
Lowest: 1
Average: 107,070,454,288.814
Count: 93,500Standard Deviation: 1,331,424,581,515.83
Innermost Ring - Outer Radius
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 208,490,000 km
Lowest: 32,157 km
Average: 189,646.3189 km
Count: 93,544Standard Deviation: 2,019,655.8743
Innermost Ring - Width
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 161,278,000
Lowest: 3,303
Average: 141,744.8154
Count: 93,544Standard Deviation: 1,510,437.1412
Rotational Period
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 3,489.59481481481
Lowest: 0.159246328854
Average: 2.0756
Count: 216,952Standard Deviation: 15.0076
Semi-Major Axis
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 28.103544974765 AU
Lowest: 0.000101897687 AU
Average: 6.6215 AU
Count: 217,153Standard Deviation: 5.1801
Sol Distance
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 65,352.8
Lowest: 36.2145
Average: 19,266.7905
Count: 217,180Standard Deviation: 13,323.2762
Surface Pressure
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 29,501,937,664
Lowest: 0  19 *
Average: 27,215,923.2166
Count: 217,083Standard Deviation: 123,987,525.0479
* Total bodies in this category sharing this value.
Surface Temperature
Water giant (as planet)
Highest: 2,715
Lowest: 136
Average: 176.3017
Count: 217,069Standard Deviation: 42.0787

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