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Metal Rich Ring

Metal Rich Ring
Highest: 1,234,912,285.36
Lowest: 1,234,912,285.36
Average: 1,234,912,285.36
Count: 1Standard Deviation: 0
Metal Rich Ring
Highest: 9.81966345606648
Lowest: 9.81966345606648
Average: 9.8197
Count: 1Standard Deviation: 0.0000
Inner Radius
Metal Rich Ring
Highest: 28,606
Lowest: 28,606
Average: 28,606
Count: 1Standard Deviation: 0
Metal Rich Ring
Highest: 12,126,423,040
Lowest: 12,126,423,040
Average: 12,126,423,040
Count: 1Standard Deviation: 0
Outer Radius
Metal Rich Ring
Highest: 34,805
Lowest: 34,805
Average: 34,805
Count: 1Standard Deviation: 0
Metal Rich Ring
Highest: 6,199
Lowest: 6,199
Average: 6,199
Count: 1Standard Deviation: 0

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