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Blossoming Siblings

Created: 2024-01-25 14:07:00 Last Edited: 2024-02-25 19:00:46
  Submitted by: Raghav102
Star System:Blua Eoq JT-A c1-1
Coordinates:6323.38 / -779.406 / 1543.06
Sol Distance: 6,555.42 ly
Region:Outer Orion Spur
Category:Sights and Scenery


Two binary moons of a gas giant, with a rare combination: thin methane atmospheres and diverse life.


Bodies A 1 a and A 1 b in the system are a pair of binary moons orbiting their parent gas giant. However, what sets this pair apart is that they host diverse life in thin methane atmospheres. Such bodies rarely host many species on their surfaces, and these two have six on the second moon, and five on the first.

Both moons are nearly the same size, radii 463 km and 416 km, and host a unique assortment of exobiological life. The most notable one is the rare Fumerola Extremus, which exists on both moons.

The greenish tint of the methane atmosphere and the interesting life create plenty of opportunities for some gorgeous vistas:

The system is around 780 ly below the galactic plane, offering a beautiful view of the galaxy from these Blossoming Siblings.

The other two moons (A 1 c and A 1 d) also have thin methane atmospheres, but host only two and four species.
In addition, two planets around the second star (bodies B 2 and B 3) have Stratum Tectonicas on their surface.

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