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Eye of the Prophet

★ RARE ★
Created: 2022-09-20 23:20:58 Last Edited: 2022-09-21 13:16:53
  Submitted by: Gadnok on behalf of Unguis
Star System:Swoiphs TC-V c5-13
Coordinates:2642.56 / -83.5 / 464.406
Sol Distance: 2,684.36 ly
Region:Inner Orion Spur
Category:Planetary Features
Category:Sights and Scenery


The only ringed landable thin ammonia atmosphere planet known, as of 3308-09-20.


In our galaxy containing numerous asteroid clusters, ringed stars, and ringed planets of various atmospheric composition, Swoiphs TC-V c5-13 2 is the only ringed landable thin ammonia planet we have catalogued to date (as of 3308-09-20).

The atmosphere is composed of 76.9% Ammonia and 23.1% Sulphur Dioxide, and contains some surface life: namely, Bacteria Alcyoneum (Emerald).

The planet is surrounded by a wide metal rich ring with a width of 0.08 ls, inside which you will find several hotspots, including two Platinum and one Painite.

Given the extreme rarity of this ringed body, the magnificent otherworldly scenery and the ammonia which Thargoid biology is known to depend on, this discovery quickly drew attention from alien enthusiasts, especially from members of the Far God Cult.

Cultists and alien sympathizers alike have started calling the destination the "Eye of the Prophet", saying the wide rings make the planet resemble "the gaze of the Far God".

Small expeditions have been formed to travel to this area, which is only around 2,700 ly from Sol. They hope to establish a permanent colony on the surface in the next few years, with potential for an orbital outpost to welcome travellers and sightseers.

The system is also rich in ammonia elsewhere, most notably the fourth planet, which is an Ammonia World, situated 1,591.6 ls from the main star.

The given surface coordinates lead to the mountain formation in the main photo.

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EDSM ID:66883305

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