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The Song of Ice, Fire and Gamma Rays

Created: 2024-06-11 03:29:52 Last Edited: 2024-06-13 12:46:21
  Discovered and Submitted by: Sebastian Menetil
Star System:Oochosy ES-B d13-1
Coordinates:4110.84 / -1110.16 / -1165.88
Sol Distance: 4,414.83 ly
Region:Sanguineous Rim
Category:Sights and Scenery


A massive and hot icy world that orbits around its parent white dwarf star closely, sometimes going through the edge of its jet, only 4,400 ly from the bubble.


Death worlds are famous among many Commanders, especially explorers: this term is often used for planets that are scoured by the jets of a nearby white dwarf star. The mystery of how one can walk on these bodies with only their spacesuit for protection, while their ship takes catastrophic damage from being blasted by the jet, has yet to be solved.

This specific planet (A 1) is also rather peculiar. It's a massive icy world, weighing more than 20 Earth Masses, with a surface gravity of 2.2 g. It is also surprisingly hot for its type, sporting a whopping 577 K average surface temperature.

The views from the surface can be rather scenic, as there's also a red dwarf star in the system that is a mere 98 light seconds away. Both stars, the white dwarf and the red dwarf, are often visible in the sky at the same time.

The system is located quite close to inhabited space, at around 4,400 ly from the bubble. As this location is on the Northern border of the Sanguineous Rim, explorers can visit three galactic regions in a short time if they so wish: both the Inner and Outer Orion Spur regions are just a quick trip away from here.

ID64 Address:45709297907
EDSM ID:85613117

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