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Dragon's Garden

Created: 2023-07-17 13:35:19 Last Edited: 2023-07-18 02:33:59
  Submitted by: PhoenixBlue
Star System:Crookaae XE-O d7-56
Coordinates:-3962.94 / 1006.5 / 12438.2
Sol Distance: 13,093 ly
Region:Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm


A system home to more than a dozen species of exoflora, with ten families of plants on the 8 f moon.


This system, located near the Crookaae AA-A h129 Nebula, nicknamed the Dragon's Tail Nebula, is home to more than a dozen species of exobiological flora.

Body 4 a is the closest moon to the central star with exobiology, in the form of Bark Mounds. These large fungal cones grow up to 4 meters in height and can often be found with mineral deposits growing near their tops.

Body 8 f is a rocky moon with a thin ammonia atmosphere that's home to 10 families of alien plants, ranging in size from Bacterium Alcyoneum colonies to Tubus Rosarium.

Close examination of the Tubus shows indigo-colored fruit toward the top of its stalks.

Osseus Spiralis are somewhat more rare, growing along the rocky outcrops above the otherwise sandy terrain of the moon.

The sands are home to most of the other vegetation that grows here, including Stratum Paleas, Fungoida Setisis, Cactoida Peperatis, Tussock Catena, and Frutexa Flammasis.

The Concha Aureolas prefer more solid ground, growing where their roots can establish themselves in the soil.

Finally, Body 10 e contains four distinct species of plants, including Tussock Propagito, Tubus Cavas, Stratum Limaxus and Bacterium Aurasus.

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G4V‑16V  PTN Bay Of Serenity  2024‑01‑20 10:01:27 
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