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The Magic Forest

Created: 2022-07-09 01:55:23 Last Edited: 2022-07-09 11:41:21
  Submitted by: Gadnok on behalf of Gavriel Davihd
Star System:Blaa Hypai LA-J c11-3
Coordinates:1502.09 / -400.594 / 12222
Sol Distance: 12,320.4 ly
Region:Norma Expanse
Category:Sights and Scenery


This particular forest of Fonticulua is blessed with high voltage Electricae mixed into the entrance, creating a magical view of the nearby planetary nebula Bohr's Dice over the horizon.


Found on Blaa Hypai LA-J c11-3 2 A, the Magic Forest contains two unusual forms of biological life co-existing at the given coordinates. This large forest of Fonticulua Upupam appears charged by the glow of the Electricae Radialem plants growing at the 'entrance'.

The view is made special by the green tinted sky and the Bohr's Dice planetary nebula sitting picturesque on the horizon.

The occurrence of Electricae trees plugged into the Fonticulua forest is reminiscent of a Tesla coil powering light bulbs in the ground. (Tesla coils are named after their creator, the 19th century Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla.)

This POI was discovered on the SWS High-G Summer Slamdown 3307 Expedition.

ID64 Address:911036062818
EDSM ID:776414
The Magic Forest Main Image
The Magic Forest Main Image
Uploaded by Gadnok
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Uploaded by Gadnok
Magic Forest
Magic Forest
Uploaded by Gadnok

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