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Brain Ocean

Created: 2023-10-11 07:48:16 Last Edited: 2023-10-11 16:37:09
  Submitted by: DiaFleXXX on behalf of SigmaExplorer
Star System:Graea Hypue MC-C d65
Coordinates:-692.438 / -373.875 / 13050.2
Sol Distance: 13,074 ly
Region:Norma Expanse
Category:Sights and Scenery


A thin water-rich atmospheric ringed moon that hosts Brain Trees.


Body 4 d in Graea Hypue MC-C d65 hosts Roseum Brain Trees. The moon has a thin water-rich atmosphere, which produces soft blue colours in the sky. The body has rocky rings, which further enhances the sights to be seen here. Moreover, since the moon orbits its gas giant parent at a high inclination (-67.74°), the rings of its parent are easily visible.

As of 3309-10-11, there are only two known thin water-rich atmosphere bodies with Brain Trees on their surfaces, and only one of them has rings.

This moon also hosts surface volcanism (minor nitrogen magma), and another species, Bacterium Omentum. With a bit of luck, explorers can find all three features in one location.

ID64 Address:2243726069379
EDSM ID:79947366

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