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Rings of Lyra

Created: 2023-11-15 02:46:32 Last Edited: 2023-11-19 02:10:57
  Submitted by: CmdrCoddiwompler on behalf of Insane Golgotha / Coddiwompler
Star System:Graea Hypue EW-U d3-276
Coordinates:-698.031 / -498.938 / 13375.8
Sol Distance: 13,403.3 ly
Region:Norma Expanse
Category:Sights and Scenery


A rare Gas Giant with three rings, which can be observed from a nearby atmospheric, landable moon.


The second planet of this system isn't just like any regular Class III Gas Giant: it is adorned with a rare ring system formed by three visible rings of varying densities. All of them are metal-rich.

The gas giant's first moon, body 2 a, is an icy body that's landable. It has a close and highly inclined orbit (3.7 ls and -54.45°): this means that the giant fills up much of the sky, and all its rings are clearly visible too. In addition, the thin oxygen atmosphere of the moon adds hues of blue and purple to the sky, providing even more spectacular views from the surface than what can be seen from space.

Body 2 and its rings fill the sky

While the gas giant's rings are not officially classified as "wide", when viewed from the moon the rings fill the sky, having an overall angular diameter of 72.2°.

These rings are truly humbling to behold

The 2 a moon houses a relatively valuable species of Bacteria: Volu. Other bodies in this system host some other flora as well: as this system is part of the Guardian region around the IC 4673 nebula, Brain Trees can be found here. (On the 1 a, 1 b, 1 c moons.)

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