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DSSA Aristarchos

Created: 2022-05-10 22:29:25 Last Edited: 2022-09-29 20:36:52
  Submitted by: Unifex on behalf of Holint
Star System:Eocs Aihm XX-U d2-6
Coordinates:22759.4 / 108.344 / -11033.4
Sol Distance: 25,293 ly
Category:Sights and Scenery
Carrier Callsign:J6M-G2L
DSSA Aristarchos
Last Event: 2023-01-23 21:30:06


Anchorage location of the DSSA Aristarchos. All explorations services are available.

Notice: This POI shares the same star system with a prior existing entry in the Galactic Mapping Project (GMP). You can visit the original entry using the link below:

    DSSA Aristarchos (independentOutpost), Eocs Aihm XX-U d2-6



Originally discovered by CMDR Holint, the Eocs Aihm XX-U d2-6 system has become the anchorage location of the DSSA Aristarchos.

This is a haven in the black for any explorers in the area offering all the services an explorer will need.

The DSSA Aristarchos is named after one of the first proponents of the heliocentric model, Aristarchos of Samos. In his spirit, the vessel orbits an ELW that itself, like our very own Earth, orbits its parent star.

By being excellent, thus one reaches the stars (and becomes immortal) – just as this ancient Greek astronomer.

The DSSA Aristarchos fueled and made its maiden jump with the Aphelion fleet in June 3306, then split with the Flotilla, travelling towards Xibalba. Parallel to that CMDR Scytale Tleilaxu scouted Xibalba for Tritium Hotspots. DSSA Aristarchos then reach its designated system in Xibalba by the 14th of June.

The host system itself contains an ELW, WW, multiple terraformable HMC and is also a green system (containing all jumponium materials). Should you wish to travel from here further towards Arm's End, this is one of your last chances to stock up on those materials to safely reach this system located at the far fringes of the outer Arm (and get back again). That system is also the location of the other DSSA vessel in the Xibalba region, the DSSA Explorer's Bar & Grill.
-- Carrier information post on the GMP

ID64 Address:221417325851
EDSM ID:52375729

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