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Gaulkhan's Reach

Created: 2022-10-26 07:09:31 Last Edited: 2022-11-06 16:01:38
  Discovered and Submitted by: CMDR Sheehy
Star System:Fedguia UT-Z c16-10
Coordinates:18109.2 / -133.219 / -2891.12
Sol Distance: 18,339.1 ly
Region:Achilles' Altar
Category:Planetary Features


A shepherd moon with geysers that orbits 1,447 km from its parent's rings.


Gaulkhan's Reach is the first shepherd moon of Fedguia UT-Z c-16-10 3. It is so close to its parent that from its surface, you can watch the ring pass by 600 km above you.

The proximity of the rings to the moon makes for some interesting interactions. Especially if you park a fleet carrier on the moon's equatorial plane. The ring's gravitational context overrides the moon's and the carriers. There is a high chance that you may be stranded in space if you decide to go for a walk in your carrier while it is transitioning the rings.

Not quite what you meant by "getting out of your chair to stretch your legs a bit"

The moon is riven with high-wall canyons and double canyons. Geysers add to the atmosphere, with possibilities for SRV exploration of the nearby rings. (Note that it would take several hours to fly an SRV into the ring.)

Aborted attempt to reach the rings in an SRV

Those rings contain three tritium hotspots, with one double tritium-grandidierite overlap. The third ring is so thin that it cannot be seen by the naked eye, but its ghostly presence makes the first three moons shepherd moons.

The fourth moon is a landable thin atmospheric world with rings and surface life. Its high orbital inclination provides great views of its parent gas giant's rings.

The view from the fourth moon

This world was discovered on the Fatherhood's Lost in Space expedition of 3308. The world is named after the expedition trip leader, who was caught in a hurricane just a day before the expedition was due to start, yet managed to rejoin the expedition a week later.

A short video tour is available here.
The passing of the moon viewed from the rings can be viewed here.

ID64 Address:2863031816338

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