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NGC 3199 nebula

Created: 2022-11-14 10:45:28 Last Edited: 2022-11-24 23:14:47
  Submitted by: Andrew Gaspurr
Star System:NGC 3199 Sector LC-V c2-5
Coordinates:14576.9 / -274.625 / 3541.38
Sol Distance: 15,003.4 ly
Region:Outer Orion Spur
Category:Notable Stellar Phenomena


NGC 3199 is an emission nebula that was created by the now lost Wolf-Rayet star WR 18. It houses Bullet Molluscs, and Guardian ruins.

Notice: This POI shares the same star system with a prior existing entry in the Galactic Mapping Project (GMP). You can visit the original entry using the link below:

    NGC 3199 (nebula), NGC 3199 Sector LC-V c2-5


NGC 3199 is a large emission nebula on the edge of the Outer Orion Spur region, far beyond the Eta Carina nebula. Although dubbed the "Banana Nebula" by early astronomers, it has also been described as a red bird when seen from certain angles.

NGC 3199 is thought to have been created by a Wolf-Rayet star which was known as WR 18 in early stellar cartography, but which seems to have gone missing from Universal Cartographics since. It's possible the star reverted back to its original B-type classification after having shed enough of its stellar mass in violent outbursts.

There are a good number of young protostars in or near the globules of the nebula, which hints at active star formation processes taking place.

The nebula and its surrounding area were extensively explored and surveyed during a long-range mission along the Orion Spur in March 3301. In the fall of 3301 the nebula was revisited by the Sagittarius-Carina Mission, and later by the SHEPARD Mission in 3302.

During these expeditions (and certainly many more) the area has been thoroughly surveyed by planetside SRV teams. They have discovered a large variety of geological features.

The NGC 3199 Sector is also home to spaceborne life in Notable Stellar Phenomena: large populations of Bullet Molluscs. Despite their small size and relative harmlessness, some species exhibit territorial traits in that they "defend" their terrain with electromagnetic pulses. These pulses can interfere with ship systems and cause slight damage, so explorers are advised to be cautious when approaching these molluscs.

In addition to its geological and xeno-biological significance, a number of Guardian ruins have been discovered here in recent years. The archaeological importance of these discoveries led to a separate entry in the GEC.

Travel information: There is a DSSA carrier, the "Kraut", sitting nearby in the NGC 3199 Sector XJ-A d10 system, providing vital services for deep space explorers in the area.

Credits for astrophotography: CMDRs P.S Deathslider, Lorien I & Andrew Gaspurr

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