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Red Dominance

Created: 2024-06-19 14:49:25 Last Edited: 2024-06-26 13:28:15
  Submitted by: KOLUMBUS
Star System:Wepooe JZ-X c2-1463
Coordinates:-3915.25 / -619.281 / 23397.3
Sol Distance: 23,730.7 ly
Region:Odin's Hold
Category:Sights and Scenery


A landable metal-rich world orbits a class L brown dwarf star at a distance between 1.14 - 1.55 ls. The star dominates the sky from the planet's surface.


The highlight of this system is a landable metal-rich planet (C 1) that orbits its parent, a class L brown dwarf star, on an elliptic orbit that takes it within 1.14 - 1.55 ls distances. It completes an orbit in 3.24 hours.

Surface temperatures are high, easily reaching over 1,000 K during daytime. Commanders should exercise caution if they disembark from their ships.

The rest of the system consists of three gas giants and just one moon, which isn't landable.

ID64 Address:402223653233946
EDSM ID:85683987

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