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Pythia's Chasm of Prophecy

Created: 2024-03-09 11:25:26 Last Edited: 2024-03-09 18:13:34
  Submitted by: Marty---McFly
Star System:Phroi Pruae AA-A h250
Coordinates:-3753.75 / -748.625 / 26624.1
Sol Distance: 26,897.8 ly
Region:Odin's Hold
Category:Sights and Scenery


Nested moon 1 b a orbits an Ammonia World at only 0.037 ls, with an orbital period of 5 hours, and a ringed icy moon (3 h) contains rare Fonticulua Segmentatus.


This system is named after Pythia, the oracle of Delphi, who delivered prophecies believed to be inspired by Apollo. Her predictions were often linked to the enigmatic vapours that emerged from a chasm within the temple. These vapors were thought to induce a trance-like state in the Pythia, allowing her to communicate the will of the gods to those who came to the temple seeking guidance. Modern scientists theorized that these fumes contained ammonia or other natural gases that influenced the Pythia's state of consciousness, which made her utterances seem divinely inspired.

The nested moon 1 b a orbits its parent at only 0.037 ls away, in just 5 hours. It offers an almost hypnotically close view of the nearby Ammonia World. The surface also has active volcanism.

The system also includes a ringed icy moon (3 h) with a thin neon-rich atmosphere that's made enchanting by the light of a class L brown dwarf star 106 ls away. The black hole of the system is also visible from the moon's surface.

It hosts one of the rarest flora in the galaxy, Fonticulua Segmentatus (Mauve).

Moreover, the planet features numerous sharp mountains, which offer fantastic views and opportunities for hiking

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