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The Blink of an Eye

Created: 2022-06-15 15:50:51 Last Edited: 2022-06-15 23:32:26
  Discovered and Submitted by: Molan Ryke
Star System:Phraa Flyoo TZ-O e6-922
Coordinates:-1698.06 / -1318.47 / 24510.9
Sol Distance: 24,605 ly
Region:Galactic Centre
Category:Planetary Features


Planet C 1's orbit drops into the exclusion zone of a White Dwarf (DC) Star


Located in a Black Hole System.
Planet C 1 drops into the Exclusion Zone of a White Dwarf (DC) Star every 2.5 days for a short time. The view from the ground is incredible, and as the planet soars past the star, the lensing effect is a sight to behold.

This is very similar to the original Planet of Death near Colonia, but with a longer orbital period. Excellent for more kinder and safe approaches.

WARNING: This star can only be observed from the surface in an SRV. Failing to dismiss your ship would result in the ship destruction. If on foot, bring lots of sunscreen and first aid packs.

ID64 Address:3961224358268
EDSM ID:42325351

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Nearest Neighbors:

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[GMP] Venenum Geminos  1,227.67  N/A  Phraa Flyuae XF‑E... 
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[GMP] Evelyn's Distant...  1,638.86  N/A  Myriesly MS‑K c8‑... 

Carriers Last Seen in this System:

 Callsign   Name  Date 
Q1H‑3HZ  CRC Magellanic Exodus  2024‑04‑09 08:46:51 
Messages for this POI:
Reason:Comment2022-06-16 12:33:21
From:LCU No Fool Like One
Would be good to get an orrery view so we can work out a schedule.
Replies: 0Visibility: Public 
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