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Distant Ocean Cliffs

Created: 2022-07-05 03:47:32 Last Edited: 2022-07-05 14:27:48
  Discovered and Submitted by: WhirlWind
Star System:Phroi Pri OQ-Y d4354
Coordinates:-154.281 / -1106.91 / 25900.5
Sol Distance: 25,924.6 ly
Region:Galactic Centre
Category:Planetary Features


A water world orbiting a ringed brown dwarf only 22,061 km away from its rings.


This system features a water world that orbits only 22,061 km away from the brown dwarf's rings. The brown dwarf star has a inner ring radius of 125,683 km and an outer radius of 551,991 km. There is a ringed landed body with a radius of 1,448 km, its inner ring radius is 5,029 km and its outer ring radius is 12,314 km. An atmospheric landable can also be found in system, with a 100% Sulphur Dioxide atmosphere. The ABC 2 d body's moon has a close orbit, with an orbital radius of 6,431 km, and it also has a fast orbital period of 7.8 hours.

ID64 Address:149612744446859
EDSM ID:74921525

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