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Phosphoric Giant

★ RARE ★
Created: 2023-02-01 22:52:07 Last Edited: 2023-04-29 17:18:52
  Submitted by: Cyanidex
Star System:Byoomao LY-G d11-9374
Coordinates:-426.469 / -351.938 / 25499.6
Sol Distance: 25,505.6 ly
Region:Galactic Centre
Category:Green Gas Giants
Category:Notable Stellar Phenomena


A green class III gas giant with a pink haze and vivid green equatorial clouds. There are K10-Type Anomalies within its rings.


Body A 4 in this system is a Class III Green Gas Giant within the Galactic Centre region.

The planet is predominantly pink in color with a dark tan base cloud layer. Wrapping the gas giant about its equator, as well as in other regions as small patches, are brilliant bioluminescent green clouds.

Since this system in the Galactic Centre region, K10-Type Anomalies can be found here in the three Notable Stellar Phenomena signals located within the planet's rings.

The Green Gas Giant has four moons directly orbiting it, and body A 4 d has its own nested moon - making five moons total. Of the three that are landable, only A 4 a and A 4 d a are geologically active. A 4 a also orbits close to the planet's outer ring, and completes an orbit in under 20 hours.

This discovery is also significant as this was the first time a second Green Gas Giant has been found within the same sector. The other Green Gas Giant, also Class III, is located just 895.55 ly away in the Byoomao JC-B d1-3681 system.

Elsewhere in system are three atmospheric landable moons, A 6 a, A 6 b and A 6 c. All three have thin ammonia atmospheres and surface life signatures.

ID64 Address:322098580869987
EDSM ID:78844395

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K4B‑L7Y  [NNV] YGDDRASIL  2023‑05‑07 08:13:08 
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