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Hiraeth Triplet

Created: 2024-05-22 04:39:53 Last Edited: 2024-05-23 21:38:49
  Discovered and Submitted by: Elora Eve
Star System:Systae Free AF-A d13
Coordinates:-3680.91 / 2653.94 / 24596.2
Sol Distance: 25,011.4 ly
Region:Odin's Hold
Category:Sights and Scenery


Three Earth-like worlds in a system that's 2,600 ly above the galactic plane.


Sitting more than 2,600 ly above the galactic plane, this system contains three Earth-like worlds. Two of them orbit the first star in the system, while the third one is around the distant second star.

A 4

The first two Earth-likes, A 3 and A 4, exhibit a curious difference: while A 3 is closer to its parent star, its surface temperatures are significantly lower (262 K) than its more distant sibling's (301 K). This is because of the differences in their atmospheres: A 4 has water vapour in its atmosphere, leading to a much stronger greenhouse effect than A 3. Usually, in systems with multiple Earth-like worlds, the ones that are closer to their parent stars tend to be the more habitable ones: here, however, it's the other way around. (Especially since the cold A 3 has a higher surface gravity as well.)

B 1

Meanwhile, the third Earth-like world around the second star, B 1, has an even larger partial pressure of water vapour in its atmosphere. It's around the "hot and heavy" ranges of Earth-likes, with 307 K and 1.37 g, and it's also tidally locked to its star.

Since this system is so high above the galactic plane, these planets appear nestled against the blanket of the stars below - the fabric of life, a welcome reminder of home for the weary traveler.

All the other planets around the yellow-orange star are icy bodies with thick atmospheres. The only landable planets in this system are the three rocky moons of the gas giant around the main star, A 5. As that planet has ammonia-based life, crashed Thargoid sensors might likely be found on these three bodies.

System Map

ID64 Address:456382763779
EDSM ID:85341692

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Reason:Praise2024-05-24 05:06:11
From:Richard Fluiraniz M.
This system is pretty neat.
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