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Rhubarb and Custard

★ RARE ★
Created: 2022-05-02 00:42:59 Last Edited: 2022-11-24 00:24:12
  Submitted by: LCU No Fool Like One
Star System:KOI 413
Coordinates:-3622.38 / 849 / 430.625
Sol Distance: 3,745.38 ly
Region:Inner Orion Spur
Category:Planetary Features


Rhubarb and Custard are a pair of gas giants that collide approximately every 40 days.

Notice: This POI shares the same star system with a prior existing entry in the Galactic Mapping Project (GMP). You can visit the original entry using the link below:

    KOI 413 (planetFeatures), KOI 413


This may seem like a very ordinary system but planets 1 (Rhubarb) and 2 (Custard) share almost exactly the same orbit but with an orbital period of 24.6 days and 15.2 days. As a result they will pass every 39.8 days. The only difference is the orbital tilt which is 88.81 and 89.38 which means there is less than a 1 degree difference between them.

The furthest possible passing point would have their surfaces 97,145km apart or 1.3 radii but some orbits would result in a head on collision.

On the 9th August 3306 Canonn Interstellar embarked on an expedition to observe a near miss so that a schedule of close approaches could be calculated. The planets passed so close that it was not possible to determine if they actually touched or not. However it was possible to estimate a schedule.

Then on 23/06/3307 15:00 There was a head on impact with the planets passing almost completely through each other.

November the 22nd 3308 colission by CMDR GrandpaBlimp

The planets themselves area beautiful shade of pink and yellow, like rhubarb and custard. Local legend has it that the planets were originally red and yellow respectively but the frequent collisions have caused the colours to mix. Of course there is no scientific evidence to back such assertions.

In addition to the two gas giants there is a water world

Schedule of collisions

Canonn Article

ID64 Address:44082301331
EDSM ID:26564740

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