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Via Gravitatis

★ RARE ★
Created: 2022-05-05 15:03:36 Last Edited: 2022-07-11 21:22:40
  Discovered and Submitted by: Varonica
Star System:KOI 1701
Coordinates:-5931.06 / 887.75 / 1361.28
Sol Distance: 6,149.69 ly
Region:Inner Orion Spur
Category:Planetary Features


A very high gravity landable planet, over 45 G.

Notice: This POI shares the same star system with a prior existing entry in the Galactic Mapping Project (GMP). You can visit the original entry using the link below:

    Via Gravitatis (planetFeatures), KOI 1701


Discovered during a survey of previously unrecorded KOI catalogue systems, Via Gravitatis (KOI 1701 A) is Currently the record highest gravity for a landable planet, as of September 6, 3307. The previous was 11.6 G, making this a significantly larger world.

Astrophotography by CMDR rex1973

Galnet News Digest

The discovery of a 45 g landable planet in the KOI 1701 system creates a dilemma for commanders. After trekking 6,000 LY from the Bubble to see it, do they really want to attempt to touch down safely on this extraordinary planet, which seems to be made primarily of iron? With a surface temperature of nearly 4,000 degrees Kelvin (that’s 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit, or nearly as hot as people claim Death Valley on Earth is) getting out and walking around wouldn’t much of an option, even if you could get up from your flight chair, which you can’t, as the average commander will have an effective weight of around half a tonne.

Were it not for your flight suit assisting your normal bodily functions, just sitting still in your chair would be way too much exercise to handle. As your hand is too heavy to lift to the launch button, you’d better get used to being here. If you came in an Asp Explorer, on this planet it weighs more than 18,000 tonnes, as much as 16 unladen Lakon Type-9s on Earth. It would be daft to visit this inhospitable planet.

But if you do, the only way to experience this planet’s extraordinary 45 g pulling power is flight-assist off.

ID64 Address:1155572988
EDSM ID:68741857

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Messages for this POI:
Reason:Information2022-05-05 23:26:54
From:Richard Fluiraniz M.
IMPORTANT: For those interested in knowing: The Gravity Strenght is similar to The Lithobreaker, The Mighty, and other 9+ G bodies. This was evaluated in the 3307 High G Summerslam expedition, which had its members landing on the previously mentioned High-G bodies. We all concluded that the gravity felt was 9G+ rather than the absurd 45 G.

For more info: https://www.edsm.net/en/expeditions/summary/id/153/name/SWS+HIGH-G+SUMMER+SLAMDOWN+3307+EXPEDITION

Replies: 1Visibility: Public 
From:SpaceTrash67   2022-07-07 03:37:32
I 'experimented' with the gravity well and determined that 'terminal velocity' (thrusters disabled while in hover at 100 km) was almost instantly reached - and does not exceed 500 m/s vertically...'pancake landing' a ship with 4 pips to shields may even allow survival...

Disappointing that gravity freefall is not accurately modeled.

(Here is a 'thruster mishap' that I survived while landing on Lithobreaker - 11.2 g):

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