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Norma's Emerald

Created: 2023-07-16 10:22:16 Last Edited: 2023-07-17 12:47:39
  Submitted by: PhoenixBlue
Star System:Prieluia QS-T b58-6
Coordinates:576.031 / 63.8438 / 9157.84
Sol Distance: 9,176.16 ly
Region:Norma Expanse


The main star in this system is a T Tauri with a surface temperature of exactly 2400 K, causing it to emit green light.


The main star in this system is a T Tauri with a surface temperature of exactly 2400 K, causing it to emit radiation entirely in the green band of the visible spectrum. This behavior, first documented by CMDR LifesAJourney, was originally thought by its discoverer to be a product of radiation from multiple stars and chemical composition of planetary atmospheres.

Travelers on their way to the system will first see a bright magenta object as they travel through hyperspace. Upon arrival, they will see a T Tauri star that does not appear to emit any light. Once traveling away from it, explorers will see that everything in the system reflects green light from the star.

This green glow even carries into the Full Spectrum System scanner, which could lead explorers to mistake normal gas giants for their Green Gas Giant counterparts.

Only two bodies in the system are landable: Body 1, at 264 light-seconds, and Body 6 a, at 1,535 ls. Neither exhibits any geological or biological activity.

ID64 Address:13872878859257
EDSM ID:81223839

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Carriers Last Seen in this System:

 Callsign   Name  Date 
T9Z‑1QG  Matriarch Marie  2023‑09‑05 17:35:15 
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