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Petri Rings

Created: 2022-07-20 02:36:50 Last Edited: 2022-07-23 04:15:46
  Discovered and Submitted by: Griff Rogers
Star System:Prieluia RB-X d1-3
Coordinates:1141.38 / 220.969 / 8061.22
Sol Distance: 8,144.62 ly
Region:Inner Orion Spur
Category:Sights and Scenery
Category:Notable Stellar Phenomena


Life abounds amidst stunning ringed vistas. Molluscs and crystals inhabit a water moon’s ring, closely orbiting a ringed gas giant with water life and a shepherd moon. A purple nebula hovers above.


Near the NGC 6357 nebula, also called the Lobster nebula, 5,500 ly from Sol, this system teems with life, scenic rings, and geology. The primary attraction is a ringed water world moon in close orbit with its double ringed parent gas giant with water based life.

Ringed WW Moon of GGWL

The first of two NSPs lies within the water world's ring, replete with albulum gourd molluscs and purpureum metallic crystals, with stunning views of the water world, ringed gas giant, and the Lobster nebula, through the asteroids and life forms. Some views make it appear as if the purple claws of the nebula are preparing to scoop up a tasty snack from these prolific watery rings. Or you could view the nebula as a giant, ephemeral purple butterfly dipping to drink the nectar of life from this watery reservoir.


Are the life forms in the gas giant and the ring aware of each other? Are they related? What are the mysterious processes that generate life in these watery reaches of the galaxy?

A shepherd moon orbits between the gas giant's rings, offering its own views of the ringed bodies over a beautiful mountainous terrain of green and grey rock, cut with deep canyons and dotted with three geological signals: lava spouts, gas vents, and fumaroles.

Geo Signals Shepherd Moon

The second NSP in this system is a proto-Lagrange cloud, inhabited by more albulum gourd molluscs, along with two types of metallic crystals, purpureum and flavum, in contrasting purple and yellow colors. The cloud itself is quite colorful, with vibrant red hues, and is enhanced by the backdrop of the purple Lobster nebula and the other interesting features visible in the background.

Proto-Lagrange Cloud

Other bodies in system include binary ringed brown dwarfs, a class T and a class Y, each with their own moons, three of which are landable and contain their own geological signals. These moons offer bright colors and interesting topography, with extensive fields of two types of lava spouts, gas vents, and fumaroles. More stunning views can be found on these moons, of the ringed brown dwarfs hanging fat and pink over hot alien plains of fire and steam scattered across contrasting, hellish yellow, red, and black landscapes.

Geo Signals Brown Dwarf 2 A moon

If you did not already have a reason to visit the Lobster nebula, you do now. This system offers the best view of the nebula anywhere, from within the Petri dish of these watery ringed bodies.

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