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Pyramus and Thisbe

Created: 2022-11-22 14:57:04 Last Edited: 2022-11-23 12:49:30
  Submitted by: CMDR Marx on behalf of Eahlstan
Star System:Phrooe Flye CA-K b40-5
Coordinates:-22265 / -481.094 / 24116.7
Sol Distance: 32,826.4 ly
Region:Perseus Arm
Category:Sights and Scenery


A rare binary combination: a large ringed landable body and a much smaller planet orbit a barycenter that's only slightly beyond the core of the large one.


This system houses a rare binary combination: a large ringed planet and a much smaller one (both landable) orbit a barycenter that's only slightly (around 5%) beyond the core of the large one. Normally, such configurations would be classified as a planet and its moon, but Universal Cartographics deemed that these two are beyond a certain limit, and thus classified them as a pair of planets.

The smaller planet is on an inclined orbit relative to the larger one's rings, giving varied views of the rings over time. At the closest approach, it draws quite close to the rings.

The two are also quite close to the red dwarf star of the system, they orbit it at a distance of just about 10 ls. This gives even better photo opportunities from the surfaces of both planets.

Image credits: Eahlstan

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