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The Rising Runner Missed By Endless Senders

Created: 2022-05-28 21:02:36 Last Edited: 2022-05-30 02:08:57
  Submitted by: Richard Fluiraniz M. on behalf of CMDR Jake Tienter
Star System:Col 285 Sector RB-R b19-5
Coordinates:-244.906 / -45.4375 / 58
Sol Distance: 255.749 ly
Region:Inner Orion Spur
Category:Planetary Features


A Double Taylor's ring, with one of them having a close proximity 279km small moon only 33.2 km away from the ring! This is quite the stop if you don't want to go far from home.


The close orbit moon - The Rising Runner

The Track

Relatively close to the bubble, only less than 300 ly away, with a fast orbit of 2.6 hours orbiting a 39km wide ring, Body 1 A, the "the Rising Runner", has one of the most extreme orbits in the galaxy. This body is so fast that you can see a drastic change in the horizon by turning away for a couple of minutes. You can also notice the meteorites within the ring at certain times of the day, which makes this unique from other ringed bodies in the galaxy, let alone close orbits known in the galaxy.

from the ground

Another view!

3:48 pm photo vs 3:54 pm photo

The neighbouring bodies, the Endless Senders

Look at those thin rings!

Body 1 is not alone as it is orbited by his twin Body 2, which also displays a 15 km wide Taylors ring. The latter is so thin you need to get close to its planet to spawn, as it is not visible from afar. Both bodies orbit each other every 7.8 hours, so you can land and take some pictures while the horizon slowly changes. The rings themselves are flat lines of dust, excellent for competitions like ship races or ring speed bowling, which will require more skill than usual due to how narrow they are.

Both rings

Body 1

As an additional note, this body is a good candidate for a long circumnavigation.

The name of this location is inspired by the music track from German Electronic music band Tangerine Dream from the Album Cyclone

ID64 Address:11662849353153
EDSM ID:6586084
Uploaded by Space_Franky

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