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Created: 2023-05-03 21:33:14 Last Edited: 2023-05-04 16:37:02
  Submitted by: LCU No Fool Like One
Star System:Delphi
Coordinates:-63.5938 / -147.406 / -319.094
Sol Distance: 357.202 ly
Region:Inner Orion Spur
Category:Mystery and Xenology


A significant human controlled system in the Merope bubble that also hosts an active Thargoid surface site.


Delphi is an independent system near the Pleiades Nebula in the Inner Orion Spur, that has a significant role in the war with the Thargoids. The system was at one time controlled by Aegis, until the agency was forced into a lesser role by the concerted actions of dissatisfied Anti-Xeno groups.

A part of what is known as the "Merope bubble", Delphi was originally called Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55. It first came to prominence as one of the few systems where it was possible to locate a free floating Thargoid probe. Later it gained notoriety when a Federation fleet was destroyed by the Thargoids in orbit of planet 6.

In addition to the destroyed fleet there are also five megaships that have been attacked by the Thargoids. The two main starports, Donar's Oak and The Oracle, have also been attacked in the past.

Aegis operates the Eagle Eye 6 installation which was once used for identifying Thargoid invasion targets, but now seems to have fallen into disuse.

Delphi has a significant Thargoid presence, with a multitude of Non Human Signal Sources, and an active Thargoid surface site.

Crash SIte

The system was used to test Salvation's superweapon resulting in many crashed Thargoid Interceptors on bodies 3, 5 a and 5 b.

Cargo Hold

Delphi is still an important system for Xeno research, as it is possible to collect Thargoid Probes from the Lowell Class Science vessel's cargo hold, as well as from the Thargoid signal sources. ThargoidSensors can be easily collected from the crash sites, and they can also be used to activate the Thargoid Device inside the active surface site on planet 5 a.

The system is home to a number of installations, as well as a listening post that plays a part in the bug killer Anaconda mystery.

ID64 Address:1900262951243
EDSM ID:30616616

EDSM Traffic Report

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Nearest Neighbors:

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Carriers Last Seen in this System:

 Callsign   Name  Date 
JHZ‑98F  HALLA CIRYA  2023‑09‑21 01:08:14 
KNY‑GQQ  [AXI] WIND ROSE  2023‑09‑19 23:09:40 
JFT‑LVV  KAMIKAZE‑FC‑1  2023‑09‑13 23:59:47 
T5K‑02Z  PONY FARM  2023‑09‑13 23:56:10 
K0N‑93W  USCSS‑NOSTROMO‑W‑Y  2023‑09‑05 13:15:07 
V1Z‑36N  DRAGON'S ROOST  2023‑09‑04 10:12:59 
K7M‑9KG  ANDURIL  2023‑09‑02 03:33:30 
KHV‑8HJ  [TFS] IRONBEAK  2023‑09‑02 03:13:01 
  + 30 additional carriers.
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