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Hypio Orb nebula and Anomalies

★ RARE ★
Created: 2022-05-06 15:03:17 Last Edited: 2022-05-09 13:52:59
  Submitted by: cmdrmarx
Star System:Hypio Pri GN-D c15-1007
Coordinates:1085.34 / -80.5 / 25195.9
Sol Distance: 25,219.4 ly
Region:Empyrean Straits
Category:Notable Stellar Phenomena


T03-Type Anomalies, related to a nearby planetary nebula.


A high-energy phenomenon comprised of a bright pulsing sphere surrounded by clusters of fast-moving particles.

-- Codex entry: T03-Type Anomaly

This system houses Notable Stellar Phenomena: T-03 Type Anomalies. T-types seem to only be found in and around planetary nebulae: in this rare case, the Anomalies weren't found inside such a nebula itself, but in a nearby system instead.

The nearby nebula's designation is Hypio Pri JH-U e3-6719, and it was named "Hypio Orb nebula" by its discoverer, CMDR Irrefutable Logic. The nebula itself is quite unremarkable, as it only consists of two stars: there are no other bodies in the system. Still, it has some historical significance, namely that it was the first planetary nebula to be added to the Galactic Mapping Project.

This system, Hypio Pri GN-D c15-1007, has more interesting contents. While there are a number of gas giants and moons, some of them landable with thin atmospheres of ammonia or carbon dioxide, the main attraction of the system are the T03-Type Anomalies themselves:
T03-Type Anomaly

While many Anomalies can disrupt ship systems if approached too close, and the fast-moving particles surrounding these T-types make them look dangerous, these specific Anomalies are mostly harmless. They exhibit some curious behaviour, namely that they will follow for a time any ships that approach them, but that is all. Still, explorers should always exercise caution when investigating Anomalies.

ID64 Address:276887716701826
EDSM ID:42076508

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Reason:Comment2022-05-06 15:04:30
I should note that a still shot of these Anomalies doesn't convey how they look very well, as their defining feature is that all those tiny glowing particles orbit a center sphere.
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