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DSSA [IGAU] Paradox Destiny

Created: 2022-05-11 13:00:57 Last Edited: 2022-07-03 13:20:12
  Originally submitted by: Official GEC Maintained by: Orvidius
Star System:Prai Hypoo TX-B d4
Coordinates:-9214.88 / -460.562 / 7908.22
Sol Distance: 12,151.8 ly
Carrier Callsign:K3K-L1N
[IGAU] Paradox Destiny
Last Event: 2022-09-25 20:01:24


DSSA Carrier and nebula research outpost, stationed in the Prai Hypoo (Àrsaidh) Nebula, which hosts Brain Trees, Guardian Ruins, and Notable Stellar Phenomena.

Notice: This POI shares the same star system with a prior existing entry in the Galactic Mapping Project (GMP). You can visit the original entry using the link below:

    DSSA [IGAU] Paradox Destiny (independentOutpost), Prai Hypoo TX-B d4


The IGAU Paradox Destiny was first conceived as a black hole research vessel, but changed focus when the DSSA project was announced. Its name and logo are meant to evoke imagery related to both of these goals and its chosen assignment, the Temple region. Thus, the name refers to the "information paradox" of black holes, and the logo incorporates a Penrose Diagram of parallel universes connected by a black hole.

Stationed in the Prai Hypoo (Ă€rsaidh) Nebula, there are many examples of space biology within a stone's throw of the carrier. The moon (2 a) orbited by the carrier has geology, as well as sites containing Brain Trees and Bark Mounds. Within the nebula and surrounding area, there are also Guardian Ruins, and Notable Stellar Phenomena.

A wide range of services are offered to the weary explorer who might want to sell their codex vouchers, or modify their ship with transferred modules. Stop in and have a drink at the bar!

  • Carrier Name: [IGAU] Paradox Destiny
  • Carrier Registration: K3K-L1N

  • Commission Date (date signed up to the DSSA): 3306-04-03

  • Carrier Construction Date: 3306-06-09
  • Construction Location: Ehlanda
  • Maiden Jump (date and location): 3306-06-09, 101 Tauri
  • In-service Date (date the vessel began its DSSA service): 3306-06-09

  • Services available: Repair, Refuel, Armoury, Universal Cartographics, Commodity Market, Shipyard, Outfitting, Redemption Office, Bar, Vista Genomics

  • Tariff % Set: 0%
  • Commodities bought/sold on Carrier: Carrier buys Tritium at 25K/ton until full.
  • Nearest Tritium hotspot: Unknown at this time.

(Side note- The logo features a Penrose Diagram that depicts two parallel universes connected by black holes)

ID64 Address:145986849923
EDSM ID:51326591

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