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Wolf's Vegetarian Delight

★ RARE ★
Created: 2022-05-06 02:31:34 Last Edited: 2022-05-06 02:31:34
  Submitted by: Marxanthius
Star System:HR 6265
Coordinates:881.375 / 33.4062 / 3041.31
Sol Distance: 3,166.63 ly
Region:Inner Orion Spur


A smorgasbord of rare organic life to see based on a Wolf-Rayet star


A beautiful blue white Wolf-Rayet class star is at the heart of this system, with a number of crispy planets in orbit. Where this system really gets interesting is the white dwarf orbiting about 86K ls around this Wolf-Rayet. 4 gas giants and 1 high metal content orbit that white dwarf, and between those 5 bodies they have 20 moons, 11 of which support biological life.

This isn't a case where one organism just happened to jump planets, this system is a veritable smorgasbord of life. 16 different varieties can be found within this system.

Aleoida Laminiae - Grey
Bacterium Alcyoneum - Amethyst
Bacterium Aurasus - Amethyst
Cactoida Lapis - Indigo
Concha Labiata - Lime
Frutexa Acus - Orange
Frutexa Flabellum - Orange
Fungoida Setisis - Gold
Stratum Excutitus - Red
Stratum Laminamus - Red
Stratum Paleas - Red
Tubus Compagibus - Lime
Tussock Cultro - Orange
Tussock Ignis - Orange
Tussock Pennata - Orange
Tussock Ventusa - Orange

This system has a number of rare biological life that will be difficult to find elsewhere in the galaxy given that they need the light from a Wolf-Rayet star to provide the colours you will find here, but obviously they can't live on a burnt up rock sitting too close to said star.

The primary picture is located on B 4 B in a Carbon Dioxide atmosphere, while the following is located on B 3 D which is an ammonia based atmosphere.

cactoida in amonia atmosphere

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EDSM ID:21570

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Reason:Feedback2022-05-06 06:00:40
From:Richard Fluiraniz M.
I would love to see the Biosinsights logs for this.So far, I've never seen life in a wolf rayet system too bad they light the light they had in horizons. Great find! But I would not travel to here unless for getting those logs or to make some science

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