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Magellan's Star

★ RARE ★
Created: 2023-12-22 16:51:37 Last Edited: 2023-12-23 19:35:56
  Submitted by: CMDR Marx on behalf of Allitnil
Star System:Ood Fleau ZJ-I d9-0
Coordinates:40503.8 / 25.9688 / 17678
Sol Distance: 44,193.6 ly
Category:Notable Stellar Phenomena


The only system known to house L08-type Anomalies, and also the Easternmost reachable system.

Notice: This POI shares the same star system with a prior existing entry in the Galactic Mapping Project (GMP). You can visit the original entry using the link below:

    Magellan's Star (historicalLocation), Ood Fleau ZJ-I d9-0


Obfuscated in the Outer Rim, near the end of the Perseus arm, lies this lonely system. It was originally noted for being the Easternmost system in the galaxy. As such, it became a destination for explorers who wanted to visit the galactic limits, or for those who embarked on galactic circumnavigations.
Because this system is on the rim, it is somewhat difficult to reach: this one in particular needs a 81 ly jump, which almost every ship can make, with the help of synthesized boosts.

Years after the system's first discovery, other explorers found that L08-Type Anomalies had appeared here. As of 3309, these specific Anomalies haven't been found anywhere else in the galaxy.

They show up in Notable Stellar Phenomena signals, with Ice Crystals (which drain heat from ships) and Silicate Crystals nearby.
These Anomalies appear as bright yellow spheres, with dozens of smaller lights swarming around them - almost as if they were luminous insects attracted to a lamp.

Left on their own, these globes just drift through space. However, if a spaceship approaches within 200 m, the Anomalies react by draining the ship's shield to themselves, in a rather spectacular manner.

The first signs are arcs of lightning from around the ship towards the Anomaly. The latter soon starts to emit a blue light, and a gas cloud flowing in also becomes visible. Finally, an even brighter light appears to be pulsing at the center, almost as if the phenomenon is building up to something... but falls short of reaching it.

Once the shields have been completely drained and collapse, the damaging effect still continues, dealing damage to the hull instead. However, this is slow enough that there's plenty of time for Commanders to retreat to a safe distance before their ship would suffer severe damage.

Other than the Notable Stellar Phenomena, the system doesn't contain much else of interest. There are two landable thin atmospheric planets, both with Sulphur Dioxide atmospheres. The second one (B 3) contains Stratum Tectonicas, samples of which might make for some nice souvenirs to take back from the edge of the galaxy.

ID64 Address:18983424083
EDSM ID:3756697

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Carriers Last Seen in this System:

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QFF‑2TM  MAGELLAN'S PUB  2024‑02‑28 21:00:08 
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