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Catherine's Sanatorium

Created: 2023-01-02 17:50:04 Last Edited: 2023-01-11 12:58:24
  Submitted by: Ariston on behalf of AristonX
Star System:Hypau Auscs YU-Y d105
Coordinates:26866.5 / 284.469 / 24644.1
Sol Distance: 36,458.5 ly
Region:Dryman's Point
Category:Planetary Features


Catherine's Sanatorium is a rare Earth-like moon orbiting a gas giant, with a nested rocky moon of its own.


Discovered on 1 Jan 3309 during The Fatherhood’s Five Regions expedition, this rare Earth-like moon (8 f) orbits a Class III gas giant. The giant also has another ringed gas giant as its moon (8 g) and four high metal content terraforming candidate worlds. This Earth-like moon has its own rocky, landable, and volcanically active (lava vents, fumaroles, and gas vents) nested moon (8 f a), which is incredibly rare. The rocky moon orbits close enough to the Earth-like such that extraordinary space-borne and surface views are possible.

The primary star is a Class A star, and is orbited by 49 bodies, including:

  • A ringed landable high gravity (1.89 g) planet (body 2), orbited by three rocky moons, two of which (2 a & b) share a barycenter so close (2.6 Mm) that they are easily mistaken as colliders.

  • A ringed High Metal Content world (body 3), whose rings host 32 miing hotspots (Alexandrite, Serendibite, Benitoite, and Musgravite), orbiting close (3.65 ls) to another landable High Metal Content (body 4), allowing for beautiful views from orbit.

Video Flythrough courtesy of CMDR Sheehy

In addition to the stunning vistas and the very rare Earth-like Moon, this system also offers surface deposits of nearly all materials for boost synthesis (only Yttrium is missing), abundant mining hotspots in the rings, and for exobiology, bacteria on thin atmospheric worlds.

This world is named after Catherine Murray Roy, born in the Scottish town of Dryman, the decorated Principal Matron-in-Chief of Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service in the run-up to World War II.

Earth-like worlds are known to have a restorative effect on CMDRs on deep space exploration. This very rare world will provide circumnavigating CMDRs a place to recuperate on their journey home.

ID64 Address:3623887098635

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