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Lifeless but Waiting

Created: 2022-11-21 03:19:52 Last Edited: 2023-07-11 12:26:46
  Submitted by: Michael Rhodes on behalf of drumsounds
Star System:Eephain CG-X e1-1044
Coordinates:-3475.12 / -658.281 / 17197.2
Sol Distance: 17,557.2 ly
Region:Norma Arm
Category:Planetary Features


A very rare atmospheric (thin carbon dioxide-rich), landable and terraformable metal-rich body.


This unique body is one of about 60 documented terraformable metal-rich worlds in the galaxy. This system actually contains two of the 60 documented. Of those 60, only 6 in the galaxy are terraformable metal-rich bodies that also have a thin atmosphere.

Planet #10 is one of those 6 - it is one of only two with Carbon Dioxide-rich atmospheres. This one's atmospheric composition is 92.25% Argon, 7.7% Carbon Dioxide and 0.1% Sulphur Dioxide.

The uniqueness of this planet comes from the fact that it is the only one of those that orbits a B-class star.

The planet also has active volcanism, in the form of Major Metallic Magma, and vast fields of sulphur dioxide gas vents. Unfortunately, there appears to be no form of multi-cellular life.

ID64 Address:4485164271636
EDSM ID:53381174

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