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Gates of Dawn

Created: 2023-01-20 17:15:05 Last Edited: 2023-01-20 20:05:38
  Submitted by: Marty---McFly
Star System:Oephaich HC-C d1
Coordinates:-2306.91 / 923.062 / 16892.1
Sol Distance: 17,073.9 ly
Region:Norma Arm
Category:Sights and Scenery


Ringed landable icy moon with a thin Oxygen atmosphere and sharp-edged mountains, orbiting its wide-ringed Helium Rich Gas Giant parent at an orbital inclination of -35.74°.


Expeditions are often long and after a while, an explorer might start to feel like they aren't discovering anything of interest, just the same old finds. But those who persist are rewarded every once in a while with some unique sights that kindle hope in their hearts again, and disperse the dark clouds hanging over their mind. This planet was one such example for its discoverer.

The B 8 b moon has a thin Oxygen atmosphere, and it orbits a wide-ringed Helium Rich Has Giant on an inclined orbit, and has rings of its own. The two ring systems can easily make for some impressive sights, especially when viewed at sunset.

There are plenty of mountains to climb too, so Commanders can stretch their legs after long days spent aboard their ship. Don't let the views in the sky distract you though, watch your step so that you don't slip and fall!

There is also a landable shepherd moon between the gas giant's two rings.

ID64 Address:44350754819
EDSM ID:78575624

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Reason:Comment2023-01-24 22:27:22
From:LCU No Fool Like One
What a bonkers view! I bet it must have been hard to pick a feature screenshot.


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