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Argon Glows

Created: 2022-11-15 02:07:56 Last Edited: 2023-07-11 12:31:25
  Discovered and Submitted by: Michael Rhodes
Star System:Iowhaik DQ-Y e3143
Coordinates:-7133.16 / 389.5 / 15782.4
Sol Distance: 17,323.9 ly
Region:Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm
Category:Planetary Features


This landable argon-rich world orbits a B class star, and is as of 3308. November the only known example of this combination. It features a unique view of a neighbouring planetary nebula.


Iowhaik DQ-Y e3143 10 is a landable High Metal Content planet with a thin argon-rich atmosphere, directly orbiting a B-class star. This is a very rare occurrence: as of 3308. November, this planet is the only known example of this configuration.

Captured at sunrise, this view details the beautiful diffraction of the B-class starlight through the argon-rich atmosphere, which is mostly comprised of nitrogen. In the background is the Iowhaik DQ-Y e871 planetary nebula.

This planet is unfortunately devoid of biological signals, although it is very geologically active.

ID64 Address:13500204206028
EDSM ID:68236247

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