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Arcane Allure

★ RARE ★
Created: 2023-07-04 21:58:49 Last Edited: 2023-07-06 16:29:40
  Submitted by: Arcanic on behalf of Hamrobber
Star System:Boelts QJ-Y d1-1149
Coordinates:-7538.34 / -452.156 / 15799.4
Sol Distance: 17,511.5 ly
Region:Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm
Category:Green Gas Giants


A ringed Green Gas Giant with Water-Based Life in a triple planetary configuration, right on the route between Colonia and the Bubble.


In June 3309, CMDR Arcanic made a breakthrough discovery in his research of Green Gas Giants and predicted it may be possible to identify ones that could have been missed using temperatures; this was within the data collected based on their surface temperatures.

Boelts QJ-Y d1-1149 5 was the first one to be rediscovered as a direct result of this research, verified by CMDR Matt G.

The giant's rings offer some picturesque views, and the nearby ringed brown dwarf star does so as well.

The planet has only one landable moon, which has an orbital period of 1.5 days. It is close enough to clearly make out the smaller cyclones in the gas giant's upper atmosphere.

This is the first known Green Gas Giant to be in a triple planetary configuration. Arcane Allure orbits a barycentre along with a ringed Y dwarf star in 87.6 days. The third component of this system is a gas giant that also has water-based life, slowly orbiting the inner two bodies dozens of light seconds away, making it hard to see all three bodies at once.

ID64 Address:39488239603603
EDSM ID:46630666

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Carriers Last Seen in this System:

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VBW‑5TT  [IGAU] MAJESTIC‑12  2023‑08‑29 06:11:18 
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