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Azura Initiative

Created: 2022-04-26 22:59:37 Last Edited: 2022-05-04 20:06:49
  Originally submitted by: Richard Fluiraniz M. Maintained by: Tyysun Eson
Star System:Athaip WR-H d11-8524
Coordinates:332.188 / -56.2812 / 23014.6
Sol Distance: 23,017.1 ly
Region:Empyrean Straits


The Azura Initiative is a player-hosted bubble comprised of Stations, Outposts, Tankers, and Colonies in a 150 LY sphere around the Capital. Join here for more info https://discord.gg/cuEMFgVnMZ



Join the Community discord

Welcome to the Azura Initiative Commander.

The Azura Initiative is an ongoing project to create a Mini-Bubble through the use of Fleet Carriers. However, you do not need a Carrier to participate as there are various tasks that you can get involved in. We currently have an Internal Market and a Mapping Project in the Azura Bubble, so there are many things to do. This community encourages roleplaying as a cooperative storytelling process, not a wholly PvP activity. Please consult FCOC in the # interstellar exchange and the #AZSF Ace of Spades for current shuttle services or the discord linked above.

Current Director: CMDR Tyy'sun Eson

Major Systems

ATHAIP WR-H D11-8524

Home of the Initiative Capital paragon´┐Żs-retreat and the Initiative Fuel Tankers

DUMBOOE ZA-F D11-5930 - Home of new-London - ATHAIP LX-S C20-2732 Home of the deliverance

  • ATHAIP FO-F D12-4445 Home of the stellar-nomad

  • ATHAIP EE-E D13-3329 Home of the Caliban

  • ATHAIP YR-H D11-6161 Home of the alexandretta

  • ATHAIP VR-H D11-7737 Home of the star-breaker

Outpost Systems - GREAT ANNIHILATOR Home of the interstellar-exchange

  • ATHAIP AY-F D12-2076 Home of the death-knell

  • ATHAIP WU-N C23-327 Home of the black-mesa-east

  • DUMBOOE BW-E D11-7034 Home of the Solace - the-Anders-memorial

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