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Priestly's Enigma

Created: 2022-09-18 19:12:24 Last Edited: 2022-09-19 11:21:58
  Discovered and Submitted by: CMDR Sheehy
Star System:Gludgae RM-W d1-132
Coordinates:3247.19 / 5.8125 / -4712
Sol Distance: 5,722.52 ly
Region:Sanguineous Rim
Category:Planetary Features


A ringed ammonia world without an atmosphere, with Crystalline Shards on one of its two moons.


This anomalous Ammonia World (B 3) presents a mystery. At first glance, the only notable thing that might show on the scanners is that it has rings. However, Commanders who didn't notice the lack of an atmospheric reading will immediately notice on approach that something is off: this Ammonia World has no atmosphere!

One can only imagine that the catastrophe which stripped the planet of its atmosphere might have also led to the creation of its magnificent rings. And what of its life? Does it survive underground, or in the oceans? If it is in the oceans, how long will it survive, is the ocean evaporating into space? An enigma!

The world has two moons, neither of which have atmospheres. However, the first moon registers biological signatures on its surface. Upon closer inspection, these turn out to be Crystalline Shards. The mineral predominantly presented is Ruthenium.

The anomalous ammonia world from the surface of its closest moon

Another moon in the same system, B 2 c, also registers similar surface signals.

A brief video of flying by the ammonia world and landing on a moon is available here.

Named after Joseph Priestly to whom the discovery of ammonia is attributed.

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EDSM ID:15947531

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