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Hermes' Acolyte

Created: 2022-09-11 07:15:22 Last Edited: 2022-09-11 16:46:56
  Discovered and Submitted by: CMDR Sheehy
Star System:Gludgae RM-W d1-29
Coordinates:3222.28 / 6.96875 / -4674.94
Sol Distance: 5,677.87 ly
Region:Sanguineous Rim
Category:Sights and Scenery


A Class V Gas Giant which orbits an L-type star every ~5 hours.


This star system, discovered during the Deeply Uninteresting Expedition (due) of the Sanguineous Rim, houses a Class V gas giant with a fast and close orbit around an L class dwarf star. It completes an orbit in about five hours.

The system's stars consist of one each of a A, F, K, M, and L type stars. The F class star is in a fast orbit around the A Class primary.

Close Orbiting F Class on Arrival

The others are clustered together in a trinary cluster at a short distance from the primary. The K and M types orbit the barycenter closely, while the L Class circles them.

Trinary Cluster

Around the class L dwarf star is a Class V gas giant with a fast and close orbit - a little under 5 hours. A short video demonstrating the positioning can be seen here.

ID64 Address:1007597651859

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