Welcome to CMDR Orvidius's travel history video creator, BETA!

For an example of what a completed video looks like, here is a test sample on youtube.

In order to use this, please locate your Elite:Dangerous commander's journals (logs) on your computer. In Windows, this is usually located in a location like this:

C:\Users\%username%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous

If you use EDDiscovery, the "Admin" drop-down menu has a "show journal files" option that will show you where to look.

Then you can use the form below to upload your logs (or a ZIP archive of them). Be patient, they can get quite large. People who have played for years may have hundreds of megabytes worth of logs. (In the future there may be a travel export option in EDDiscovery to facilitate this, and I'm considering options for a web-client extractor that will upload only the needed events).

Once the file upload is complete, the server will start to process your data and generate a video file. You will be given a link with which to check on your status, and download the video. Don't lose it!

Currently the video is limited to 18,000 frames of animation, which at 30 FPS will come out to 600 seconds, or 10 minutes. If your data is longer than that, even with skipped jumps, it will end there.

Most videos will generate in under 30 minutes, sometimes considerably sooner, though the size of the project and your position in the queue will strongly influence this.

Click the button below to navigate to your journal folder, and then select all of your journals. In Windows, you can click on the first journal file, and then shift-click the last one, to multi-select them all. Optionally, you can make a ZIP archive containing them, and upload that, which may be faster and get around browser limitations of uploading hundreds of separate files.

Your journals will be kept private, and will be deleted from the server along with your video, after your download link expires.

If you upload multiple commanders' journals together, their activities will be color-coded in the video (up to six different colors).

NOTE: Only four types of journal entries are used: FSDJump, Location, Loadout (for ship type), and LoadGame (for commander names and ship type). If you use EDDiscovery, you can optionally filter your log down to those four types of events, and export as raw journal format, and upload that instead of the entirety of your journal files.

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