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The Zurara (megaship wreckage)

Created: 2022-04-29 20:00:46 Last Edited: 2022-05-01 13:28:07
  Submitted by: Official GEC
Star System:Syreadiae JX-F c0
Coordinates:-9529.44 / -64.5 / -7428.44
Sol Distance: 12,082.9 ly
Region:Formidine Rift
Category:Mystery and Xenology


The wreckage of the Zurara, a megaship that was involved in the secretive Project Dynasty. Audio logs of the sabotage that destroyed the ship can still be retrieved from data uplinks.

Notice: This POI shares the same star system with a prior existing entry in the Galactic Mapping Project (GMP). You can visit the original entry using the link below:

    Zurara (mysteryPOI), Syreadiae JX-F c0


The wreckage of the Zurara, a megaship that was involved in the secretive Project Dynasty. It was created specifically for a single deep space exploration mission, to find Earth-like Worlds far away from inhabited space, inside the Formidine Rift. It launched successfully in 3270, and travelled through its original route, leaving beacons and terraforming equipment around candidate planets.
However, the secretive organisers of the mission never intended the Zurara to return: immediately after the final beacon was deployed, sleeper agents among the crew sabotaged the ship. While the rest of the crew overpowered the invaders, the megaship was beyond repair and beyond any hope of rescue. One person recorded a series of audio logs as life support systems were failing, detailing the events that transpired: more than thirty years later, these logs can still be downloaded from the ship's data uplinks.

In addition to the logs, a message was also sent out by the same crew member, who did not expect anyone to receive it. Logs from the abandoned settlements at the Formidine Rift Beta Site (Eafots LZ-H b10-0) indicate that the message did reach other ships. However, the warning came too late, those members of the expedition were doomed as well: so the demise of the Zurara remained a secret for decades. An independent explorer found the wreckage in 3273, and left her own logs at the site, but she kept the sip's existence a secret from the general public. It was only in 3303 that everyone learned about it, as an encoded message led groups of independent pilots to this system, and the truth came to light.

Image credit: Canonn

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