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Monde de la Mort/World of Death

★ RARE ★
Created: 2022-05-09 15:24:44 Last Edited: 2022-05-09 21:48:11
  Submitted by: Baxder on behalf of Leif_Erikson and EtherealCereal
Star System:Spoihaae XE-X d2-9
Coordinates:-9346.12 / -1472.09 / 19659.1
Sol Distance: 21,817.3 ly
Region:Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm
Category:Planetary Features


A world with a surface-observable White Dwarf (DAB) Star at a distance of .06 LS.

Notice: This POI shares the same star system with a prior existing entry in the Galactic Mapping Project (GMP). You can visit the original entry using the link below:

    Monde de la Mort (World of Death) (planetFeatures), Spoihaae XE-X d2-9


Monde de la Mort (World of Death) is a small landable metal-rich world in extremely close orbit of a white dwarf. The world has an elliptical orbit which is 2.5 light-seconds at maximum and a terrifying 0.06 light-seconds at closest approach to the white dwarf. The orbit takes approximately one hour.

Landing on this planet is extremely hazardous: The planet can only be approached when it is outside the exclusion zone for the white dwarf, and getting caught in the streams of the white dwarf is possible. Explorers trying to land have a narrow window in which landing is possible. Generated heat is also high and must be considered when landing. Finally, the planet will pass through the jets of white dwarf over the course of the one-hour orbit, potentially leading to entire ship destruction!

Those managing to land will see astonishing views of the white dwarf from close range.

Landing challenge thread - post a link to yours in the comments!

Video of a successful landing

Source 1, 2

ID64 Address:317751775515
EDSM ID:13242751

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Messages for this POI:
Reason:Praise2022-06-11 22:24:26
I've been here twice, and somewhere around here I've got a recording of the passage through the death zone in Odyssey. I was fine in my SRV, but I was scared to leave. I'm not sure if my commander would be microwaved to death. The lensing is quite intense. If you're near the bridge between Colonia and Sag A*, go a bit off course and give this a view. You won't regret it.
Replies: 1Visibility: Public 
From:Baxder    2022-06-12 00:26:48
I was outside my SRV and panicked when the star came over the horizon and my suit warned me of dangerous temperatures. I bolted back to my SRV and missed most of the rushing Dwarf-Rise! Next time I won't chicken out.

Reason:Praise2022-05-09 19:30:46
From:Richard Fluiraniz M.
This entry has been reviewed.

[Edited: 2022-05-09 21:49:29]
Replies: 2Visibility: Public 
From:Mooing   2022-05-09 21:27:08
This is a white dwarf. The summary should be corrected to reflect that.
From:Richard Fluiraniz M.    2022-05-09 21:47:49
I have corrected this

Reason:Praise2022-05-09 15:34:48
This was the single most amazing ED experience I've ever had, hands-down, bar none, etc, etc. I can't imagine it ever being matched. It still takes my breath away just thinking about it.


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