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Leda's Daughters

Created: 2023-05-05 14:02:22 Last Edited: 2023-05-06 16:12:45
  Submitted by: CMDR Sheehy
Star System:Myoangeia RN-T d3-39
Coordinates:-13575.2 / 216.594 / 41561.7
Sol Distance: 43,723.1 ly
Region:The Conduit
Category:Planetary Features


Two similarly-sized class I gas giants, one orbiting the other with a wide ring.


As of May 3309, there are 6,742 known class I gas giants orbiting another of the same kind. The one in this system has a parent ring (7 c-ring) that is 39.54 ls wide. Rings this wide are not out of place around class Y dwarf stars, but are unusual around such gas giants. Most of the time, such wide rings are so thin that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, this one is visible on arrival to the system, from over 5 kls away.

Wide view

All the moons (except the gas giant of course) are landable. In addition, three of the nested moons have a thin methane atmosphere and surface volcanism.

System Map

The shepherd moons are volcanically active. It is possible to view to view the very thin outer ring from their surfaces, if one looks hard enough.

Outer ring visibility

He's a geyser

Interestingly, though the class I gas giant moon is 22 times smaller than its parent in terms of mass - at 11 earth masses compared to 247 - they are not much different in size, being 34 and 38 thousand km in radius respectively.

Leda is a figure from Greek mythology who had two sets of twins that appeared to be human, but were mismatched. Her twin daughters were Helen of Troy, who was immortal, and Clytemnestra, who was mortal.

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